Homecoming to God

Homecoming to God
The Homecoming event was a night of worship and prayer
The Homecoming event was a night of worship and prayer

It was a night of exuberant worship and prayer that crossed generations. It was a time when hearts of fathers turned to their children, a time where those called by God truly came home to him. The Homecoming event on 22 July 2022 brought together over 1,000 Anglo-Chinese School family and friends, and was the culmination of months of hard work and God’s answer to much prayer.

Dr Shirleen Chee, Principal of Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC), kicked off the evening’s programme by sharing the vision that the principals of ACJC, ACS (Barker Road) and ACS (Independent) received for the event. The combined schools worship band then led the opening set of worship songs.

Pastor Edric Sng of Bethesda-Bedok-Tampines Church, who is also the Editor of Thirst Collective, facilitated the testimonies by Mr Low Wee Teck, Mr Evan Lim and Mr Isaac Cheng on how the school ministry impacted their lives.

Mr Low Wee Teck, a Fairfield alumnus, spoke of the role of The Boys’ Brigade and Fairfield Methodist Schools in his faith journey and how he was led to serve God as Principal of the Methodist School in Cambodia. Next up was Mr Evan Lim, who described how he was providentially given a place in ACS (Primary) when his parents returned from God’s service in China and how his ACS years shaped him as a person in his journey to serve the Lord. Mr Isaac Cheng, a current ACS (Independent) student, testified how opportunities to serve in his church and in Christian ministry in school transformed him into someone passionate for the Lord.

The congregation watched a segment of REVIVAL 1972, which documents a revival movement that began in schools, and spread to churches and the nation. It was a reminder that God’s desire to impact the generations did not end with the revival in 1972 and continues when the hearts of each generation turn to him in despair and repentance.

Mr Joseph Chean, National Director of Youth With A Mission Singapore, brought a simple but powerful message about being “Part of the Whole” in God’s plan and purpose for Singapore and beyond. As each worshipper had received a piece of a 1,008-piece puzzle of the map of Singapore, Mr Chean exhorted all present to see themselves as part of the larger puzzle God is putting together in the history of Singapore and his providential plan for Christian witness on our shores. He shared his belief that God’s plan includes the events of the 1972 revival and God’s purpose is for Singapore to know God intimately, his character and his ways. Propelled by this authentic relationship, the Church will rightly represent God and speak the Good News to the unreached, the last, the least and the lost, both in Singapore and in other nations.

The teachers’ band led the next segment of worship and prayer. Time was given for the younger ones to pray for the adults present and vice versa. Rev Wendy Watson also led in a time of repentance for the role of the Church since the 1972 movement of the Holy Spirit. Mr Quek Peck Leng, who experienced the 1972 revival as a student, shared a blessing for the current generation of young people. When the call for prayer was issued, many worshippers came forward for prayer and renewed their commitment to the Lord.

The event also featured booths for photography and the sale of merchandise, including “Unfolding His Story: The Story of the Charismatic Movement in Singapore“, a book covering the 1972 renewal that swept through Singapore. The book records the ACS clocktower revival based on archived materials and interviews with some of those involved.

Preparations for the Homecoming event began in April with the formation of the organising committee.  It included students from ACJC, ACS (Barker Road) and ACS (Independent), supported by the Christian Ministry staff from the three schools and Barker Road Methodist Church.

Loo Ming Yaw is the Principal of Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) and worships at Aldersgate Methodist Church. / Photos courtesy of Homecoming Organising Committee