Hope of the Ages

Tan Peck Yin (right)

Led by the Rev Irene Thung, TRAC Seniors Ministry (TSM) facilitates two weekday services every month at Faith Methodist Church. The Worship Service is held at 2.30 p.m on a Wednesday while the Prayer Service takes place at the same time on a Tuesday. For the rest of 2019, the Worship Services will be on 14 Aug, 18 Sep, 16 Oct and 11 Dec and the Prayer Services on 27 Aug, 24 Sep, 22 Oct and 26 Nov.

In partnership with the Methodist Welfare Services (MWS), TSM also organises monthly visits to MWS Nursing Home – Yew Tee as part of its Befriending Ministry.

TSM Worship Service will celebrate its first anniversary on Wednesday 14 Aug. God’s message will be delivered by TRAC President the Rev Dr Gordon Wong. There will also be performances by GYM members from various Methodist parishes. All are invited!

Tan Peck Yin, Gladys Tan and Jane Yoon are some of attendees who are thankful for the TSM weekday services.

Enriched in worship and prayer

“I appreciate that there is a theme or focus for the Worship Services. Invited speakers have spoken with passion. They’ve inspired and encouraged me in my walk with the Lord, and spurred me to act where needed. It has been edifying to have groups from different churches coming to lead in worship, and to present items to glorify God. I have also been ministered through the words of knowledge, and the prayers.

 The worship at the beginning of the Prayer Services has often been Spirit-filled. I’ve been enriched and encouraged from the focused teaching on prayer by the Rev Irene Thung and invited speakers. The teaching on “Dry Bones” (Eze 37:1–14) reminded me that though we may be physically old, God can strengthen us and breathe life into our spirit. The teaching on the Holy Spirit by Pastor Irene, with a 10-day devotional to follow in preparation for Pentecost, was very uplifting. Coming to the TSM Prayer Services has inspired me to press on to pray for people I am concerned about.”

—Tan Peck Yin, member of BOSM, Christ Methodist Church

 God took away my pain

 “Since 2014, I have suffered from pain in my legs and have had difficulty walking. The doctors I consulted attributed the pain to my worn kneecaps, and said that surgery was the only solution.

 I declined surgery and turned to God for guidance. The pastors and sisters-in-Christ from my home church prayed for me. But the pain persisted.

 In August 2018, I made my way to Faith Methodist Church for the TSM Worship Service in excruciating pain. I dragged my feet while holding on to my umbrella.

 At the end of the service, Pastor Irene and Rosie Wee from the altar ministry team interceded for me. A stinging pain suddenly ran down my back during the prayer.

 After the prayer, I stood up and, surprisingly, walked out of the worship hall without the aid of my umbrella. All glory and praise to our Heavenly Father!”

Gladys Tan

Emboldened by the Holy Spirit 

“Melissa partnered me during our group visit to MWS Nursing Home  – Yew Tee in March 2019. A trained nurse, she could chat with the home residents and put them at ease, unlike my reticent self.

 During our next group visit to the home, Melissa and I were joined by Jenny. We were singing with home resident Mdm Ho, who loves Mandarin songs, when Melissa was called to assist a resident in a nearby bed. Jenny and I remained with Mdm Ho but without Melissa, I was anxious about what to do next.

 Suddenly, I sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit, who emboldened me to speak up! I noticed Mdm Ho’s contorted fingers and toes, and asked if I could pray for her. Mdm Ho nodded. Jenny and I then ministered to her and invited her to say the sinner’s prayer. After praying, Mdm Ho declared in Chinese, ‘Jesus is now in my heart!’ Jenny and I rejoiced that a soul had been won for Jesus.”

—Jane Yoon

Mr Harry Tan is a volunteer with the TRAC Seniors Ministry.

Jane (white blouse) with Jenny (striped blouse) and Melissa (back to camera) with a resident at MWS Yew Tee Nursing Home
Gladys shares her testimony during the prayer service, flanked by Pastor Irene and Rosie

Photos courtesy of TRAC Seniors Ministry