I’m a member of a large family

I'm a member of a large family
Gideon Tay

Being part of a Methodist church did not mean much to me when I was younger. But now, I realise that Methodist churches are part of a larger group. My church is part of the Chinese Annual Conference (CAC), which in turn is part of The Methodist Church in Singapore.

There are many events that bring churches together to fellowship and build stronger relations. For CAC, the Board of Youth Ministry Sports Day brought more than 170 youths from 12 different churches as well as participants from the Finding Your Place discipleship programme for a whole day of captain’s ball! What made it more memorable was that it was my first time being part of the planning committee as well. The recent Loving Families carnival is another example which brought families of CAC churches together. Beyond our conference, the Young Methodist Leaders Conference is another such event where young, aspiring leaders as young as 17 can attend to learn how to lead and take on bigger roles in their churches.

So being a Methodist to me means connecting with one another deeply, whether one to one over kopi at a coffee shop, or with other churches in the Methodist family. I am proud to be a Methodist of Changi Methodist Church.

Gideon Tay is a member of Changi Methodist Church and serves in the Youth Ministry. / Photo courtesy of Gideon Tay