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EAT SHARE CONNECT with the less fortunate

Seventy-four-year-old Mr Lim Boo Seng lives alone in a two-room rental flat. He used to work as a dish collector at a food court but he had to stop working in 2018 when his health deteriorated. Staff of MWS Wesley Senior Activity Centre – Jalan Berseh subsequently arranged for him to receive meals-on-wheels, and saw to it that he had transport to his medical appointments and taxi vouchers to pay for his fare.

He is now a regular member of the Centre and enjoys a warm relationship with the staff who are on top of his medical needs and financial issues. Even though Mr Lim has become frailer and was hospitalised several times, one of the first things he does each time he is discharged is to visit the Centre.

During this season of Lent, let us follow Jesus’ example and bless the disadvantaged in our community like Mr Lim through deeds of love, kindness and compassion. When we take time to get to know them and fellowship together, we create meaningful connections and impact lives.

The Giving Methodist 2020 invites you to Eat Share Connect in celebration of MCS 135

2020 marks the 135th anniversary of The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS). To commemorate the milestone, MWS is organising the Eat Share Connect movement, a communal dining outreach to bless the community.

The Biblical basis of table fellowship

The dining table is a place where people come together to connect, celebrate and bless others. It is also where brokenness is shared and harmony restored.

Table fellowship was Jesus’ way of connecting with the marginalised. He went against the traditions of His time by eating, sharing and connecting with ordinary people, the Gentiles, outcasts and the poor. By doing this, he tore down social boundaries and divisions by relating to them as equals around the dining table.

What is Eat Share Connect?

It is a platform to connect with low-income families or individuals over a meal around a dining table—a place for gatherings, connections, blessing, giving and celebrations, as well as for sharing brokenness and life struggles.

How does Eat Share Connect work?

This activity can be run in several ways. Between 26 Feb to 30 May 2020,

  • open your home to low-income families and connect with them over a meal.
  • as a group, organise Eat Share Connect in your church, at an MWS Centre or a public venue like the community clubs in the heartlands.

What happens during Eat Share Connect?

  • Conduct a cooking demonstration of simple recipes from Simply Good—Healthy Family Meals, a recipe book created by the General Conference Women’s Society of Christian Service (WSCS) to commemorate MCS 135.
  • Prepare the ingredients, cook together.
  • Eat, share and connect!

Beyond MCS 135

MWS hopes to raise $1.35 million to bless 1,000 families who are struggling with costs of daily living. Each family will be gifted with $1,350. We need befrienders to continue to reach out to these low-income families for one year from June 2020 to May 2021.

Partner us in blessing the community during MCS 135. If you would like to organise an Eat Share Connect activity or volunteer as a befriender, please email tgm@mws.sg.

Visit https://thegivingmethodist.sg or scan the QR code for details on Eat Share Connect and to find out how to give.

By the Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) Communications Team

Photo courtesy of Methodist Welfare Services