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Lent Prayer and Word

Lent Prayer & Word

Recall, reflect and realign our hearts to God this Lent season.

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[vc_cta h2=”THE PEOPLE OF THE WAY”]We are the People of the Way,
The way of Jesus Christ our Lord;
We follow Him in all our ways,
As John and Charles did in their day.

We are the People of the Flame;
On us the Lord has placed His claim;
His children called Methodists,
With others we will spread His Name.

We are the people on the Way;
When Thoburn, Oldham came to us
To preach the Good News of Jesus,
And left a spark of Spirit’s fire.

We are the People in the Way,
The way of love for God and man;
We love our God with all our heart;
Together serve and do our part.[/us_cta]

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