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Life in Nind Home

‘NO ONE WILL REALISE the real joy of company until one experiences a boarding school life. The study of human nature is most interesting when one comes in contact with over fifty girls of different nationalities, customs, behaviours and age. But here in Nind Home one comes not only in contact with them but lives with them.

Nind Home being situated on a hill overlooks a fine panorama of Singapore City and the blue sea beyond. It has beautiful surroundings of lovely evergreen trees and Flames of the Forest. It has big fields where the girls play all kinds of games in the evenings.

is home was established by Miss Sophia Blackmore over half a century ago. It was named after Mrs Mary Nind, a godly woman whose dream was to establish a Christian home for girls in the Far East. Through her efforts the funds were raised in America for the purchase of the home.

Nind Home is now divided into four dormitories with pleasant names. The Junior and Senior Cambridge girls sleep in Sea View Dormitory. Girls from Standard Six and Seven occupy Sunny Home Dormitory. Windy Lodge is for girls from Standard Three to Five. Cosy Corner Dormitory is for the little ones.

The neat white beds are arranged in rows. Each girl has a wardrobe. We have study hours twice a day – every day except Friday and Sunday. Our study hour is from half-past-two till four in the afternoons. We have evening prayers from a-quarter-past-seven till a-quarter-to-eight after which we have study hour to half-past-nine.

Sportsmanship is very much encouraged in Nind Home. We have teams for basketball and netball. Some time ago our Nind Home team played against the Oldham Hall Basketball team.

Of course we do not deny that we lost heavily in the score but we find comfort in Robert Scott’s words, “It is the work that counts and not the applause that follows.” Our team girls aimed at the winning goal, did their best and played the game. We were quite disappointed with the failure but we hope for success next time. We extend our congratulations to the Oldham Hall boys for their fine play and good spirit at the game.

The most extravagant phrases cannot describe one’s feelings of living in Nind Home. It is good to be away from our own homes sometimes and live among strangers to learn how to be dependable.

It is no surprise if a girl simply detests staying here when she first arrives but when she has experience, she loves it. This home cures children of their nasty tempers, impatience and pride, and helps them to become lovable women of the future. We shall always remember thee, beloved home.’ – MM, Dec. 1939,p.25-26.

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‘I have never heard the Gospel, but I have seen it’

A TRAVELLER once asked a man in China, “Have you ever heard the Gospel?”

“No,” he replied, “but I have seen it. ere is a man in our village who was the terror of his neighbourhood. He had a violent temper. He was an opium smoker, a criminal and a dangerous man.

“But the Gospel has made him gentle and good. He no longer smokes opium. No, I have never heard the Gospel, but I have seen it and it is very good.” – Adapted from Bible Expositor & Illuminator.