Living out God’s Word

Living out Gods Word
Living out Gods Word

To me, being a Methodist is being deeply devoted to the Word of God and to the people of God, like how John Wesley and the members of the “Holy Club” gave themselves to diligently following his Word, disciplining themselves to honour God and to serve others. The “Holy Club” met together often to encourage and keep one another accountable.

I’ve come to see, through the various ministries and initiatives that I am involved in, that I too, ought to take his Word and live it out, in every season. I remember reading about the fellowship of the believers (Acts 2:42-47) as a teenager and wondering how that would look like in this day and age. When the GOOD (Getting Out of Debt) programme by the Methodist Welfare Services was initiated some years ago, I saw that as a way the church lived out Christlikeness!

I have experienced the fellowship that is spoken about in the Bible, through the Christian community in church—friends who bring correction when needed and encouragement to keep living a life that’s pleasing to God!

As my generation continues to grow in the Methodist Church, my prayer is that we intentionally love the people around us and that we boldly live out the Word of God in every area of our lives.

Benita Vincent worships at Jurong Tamil Methodist Church. She serves in the E424 Youth Ministry and the Archives & Communications team. / Photo courtesy of Benita Vincent