Methodist Co-op ceases operations and donates $1M to MSF and TTC

Methodist Co-op ceases operations
Cheques amounting to $1M were presented to MSF and TTC; From left to right, Mr Albert Ng Yew Tong, Mrs Sim Suh-Ting, Rev Dr Edmund Fong, Dr Lim Teck Peng, Bishop Dr Gordon Wong, Mr Thangaraju Moses, Mr Vernon Kang, Mr John Cheong, Rev Ho Yu Choy and Rev Paul Nga

After 28 years of ministry, the Methodist Co-operative Society Ltd (MCSL) has ceased operations.

At their Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting in August 2022, members of the MCSL board decided it was time to dissolve the Co-operative. With the remaining funds in the reserve, a final donation was made to two other Methodist-related organisations, namely, Methodist Schools’ Foundation (MSF) and Trinity Theological College (TTC), with each receiving $500,000. Hosanna Bereavement Services, once part of the Co-operative, was sold to members of its incumbent team, and will continue its operations as an independent enterprise.

The donations were presented to representatives of MSF and TTC on 25 September 2023 by Mr John Cheong, Chairperson of MCSL. Representing MSF were members of the board, Mrs Sim Suh-Ting and Mr Albert Ng Yew Tong, while TTC was represented by its Academic Dean, Dr Lim Teck Peng and Dean of Students, Rev Dr Edmund Fong.  Bishop Dr Gordon Wong and board members of MCSL, Rev Paul Nga, Rev Ho Yu Choy, Mr Vernon Kang and Mr Thangaraju Moses, were also present.

Bishop Dr Gordon Wong, who sits on the boards of both MSF and TTC, expressed his thanks for the generous donations. Bishop Dr Wong also thanked the MCSL team of volunteers, for their dedication and hard work over the past 28 years.

MCSL, formed on 25 July 1995, was registered with the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, and reported to the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY).

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Lianne Ong is the Editor of Methodist Message. / Photo courtesy of Kathrynn Koh