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Methodist Co-op reaps first surplus

DESPITE the adverse economic climate, the Methodist Co-operative Society Ltd was able to report a surplus of about $200,000 for the first time after seven years of operation.

At its annual general meeting at Toa Payoh Methodist Church on Nov 9, 2002, it was agreed that $6,000 would be contributed to the Common Good Fund. This fund is to be used for the benefit of members of the Society and may be devoted to any educational, medical, social, or charitable purposes.

Members also voted to donate their dividends for this year to the general fund. This truly reflects the spirit of Acts 4:32-34:
The society hopes that its members would become a more caring and sharing community.

In the spirit of the early disciples, the Methodist Co-operative Society seeks to harness the financial and manpower resources of our Methodist community so that they can be maximised.

For example, it is forming a panel of Co-operative doctors who will undertake to provide medical services at preferential rates for its members who will be identified through a medical benefit card. It hopes to develop a “medicine of intimates” where there is a bond between the doctor and the patient. This will facilitate open communication and confidence that the doctor has the patient’s best interest at heart.

In caring for the elderly sick, the movement is towards domiciliary care rather than institutional care. One of the main problems in such care is the provision of medical support and care. The cost of housecalls is high and hence prohibitive with the doctors being called in only for emergency and acute care.

The elderly sick who are housebound are therefore deprived of much needed medical supervision. The co-op is also looking into the formation of a domiciliary medical care unit.

A Welfare Sub-committee under the chairmanship of Mrs Vivenne Goh was formed to look into the areas of needs which can be met by the Common Good Fund.