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Methodist Girls’ School wins awards

METHODIST GIRLS’SCHOOL (MGS) has received several awards from the Ministry of Education (MOE).

On Nov 3 last year, the school received the Outstanding PARTNERS Award (2010-2015).

The PARTNERS (PARents, Teachers and NEighbourhood Resources in Synergy) Award is presented by COMPASS (COMmunity and Parents in Support of Schools) to acknowledge the efforts made by the school in collaborating with stakeholders to promote the total education of the students.

At the 2010 MOE Work Plan Seminar on Sept 23 last year, the school received several awards under the Masterplan of Awards (MoA):

• Sustained Achievement Award (SAA) – Sports for the 5th time for the Primary school, 12th time for the Secondary school;

• SAA (Aesthetics) Secondary school, 2nd time,

• SAA (Academic Value Added) Secondary school, 12th time. The Secondary school is the only school to have received the SAA (Sports) and SAA (Academic Value Added) without interruption since its inception in 1999.

Mrs Shirleen Ong, Principal of MGS, and Mrs Amy Yee, the Vice-Principal, received the awards on behalf of the school.

The MoA recognises schools’ efforts in providing students with a holistic education to enable them to achieve the Desired Outcomes of Education.

The awards in MoA serve as milestone checks to guide schools on their journey towards achieving excellence. These awards provide a systematic and progressive framework for the schools to chart their own progress through benchmarking and making continuous improvement.

MGS has also received these awards:

• BPA (Teaching and Learning) (2006-2014) Full School,

• Character Development Award (Outstanding) (2009-2014) Full School,
• National Education Award (Development) (2010-2012) Full School,
• School Distinction Award (SDA) (2009-2014) Full School,
• Singapore Quality Class (SQC) (2009-2014) Full School.



TRAC Seniors raise funds for MCS project

DECEMBER 3, 2010 was a special day for our TRAC Seniors when they showcased their talents, together with friends, at a charity concert, “Soiree Musicale”.

The objective was to do their part in helping to raise funds for the poor and needy in Singapore, through the Community Outreach Project, which was organised in conjunction with the 125th Anniversary of The Methodist Church in Singapore, celebrated throughout last year.

Jointly organised by Cairnhill Methodist Church and the TRAC Board of Seniors Ministry, it was held at Tang Choon Keng Performing Arts Hall, Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) and raised more than $7,000.

The amount raised was not much, but the bonding and cooperation of the participants in giving of their best made it all worthwhile, said a spokesman.

She added: “It was encouraging to see them come together and give their time and effort for a worthy cause. They practised very hard to ensure that the concert would be a success.”