Methodist Preschools recognises loyal staff with Long Service Awards

Methodist Preschools recognises loyal staff with Long Service Awards
Methodist Preschools recognises loyal staff with Long Service Awards
14 recipients who received Long Service Awards this year

This year, 29 staff from the family of Methodist preschools received Long Service Awards at a Teacher’s Day luncheon held on 26 August 2022. The event, which was sponsored by the Council on Education, was a gathering of all 11 Methodist preschools which operate on Methodist church premises. The Council promotes and coordinates the work and development of Methodist schools, colleges and preschools and ensures that the Christian character of Methodist schools is preserved and enhanced.

Bishop Emeritus Dr Chong Chin Chung, who was the guest-of-honour, spoke about the Chinese saying 知其不可而为之, which means to do something even though it is an impossible or difficult feat, but to do it nonetheless because it is right. He reminded them that God has shown he will go ahead to do impossible feats, and encouraged the teachers to persevere in their noble profession as educators and not to give up on their students.

Some of the Long Service Award recipients—who have served from 5 to 30 years in a Methodist preschool—share why they stay true to their calling and what they enjoy most about their vocation.

杨老师 Ms Yeo Ai Boon, Chinese Teacher, Toa Payoh Methodist Preschool
20 years of service

(Translated from Mandarin) “I love children, so I joined this big family at Toa Payoh Methodist Preschool after graduation. I derive a sense of contentment and joy as I watch the little children mature in various areas and grow in character. I am rewarded in my work experience and friendship through collaboration with my colleagues and enjoy the warmth of interaction with the children. I am rewarded with respect from parents and receive affirmation from the principal.”

林老师 Ms Lim Sue Mien, Lead Teacher (Chinese), Bedok Methodist Preschool
10 years of service

(Translated from Mandarin) “When the children see us every day, they greet, ‘Teacher!’ and hug us—that makes me most happy. Seeing them develop healthily, glean knowledge and being able to communicate with me in Chinese make me really happy! I have learnt how to help children enjoy their lessons, by making lessons vibrant and interesting. This is something that makes my journey with fellow teachers and principal a memorable one. At Bedok Methodist Preschool, it is a place filled with love. I have gained friendships here. There’s always someone ready to support you and help you when you encounter difficulties. I am truly grateful for that.”

Ms Lim Geok Ling, English Teacher, Foochow Methodist Preschool
10 years of service

“I am passionate about teaching young children. I enjoy relating to them, sharing Bible stories, praying with them and singing praises to the Lord. It is most fulfilling and satisfying to be able to impart good moral values to the children and make a difference in their lives, especially children with special needs. Teaching in a Christian preschool is a meaningful ministry—God has called me to labour together with him and with fellow colleagues. I am thankful to God for his strength that has enabled me all these years.”

王老师Ms Wang Ying, Chinese Teacher, Sengkang Methodist Preschool
5 years of service

(Translated from Mandarin) “I choose to be a preschool teacher because I like to be with children. To me, every child is an angel! The love of a teacher toward a child is a source of power and a prerequisite for healthy development. I am willing to give my love and care toward these children. When they express their love to me through words and action, it makes me very happy.”

Ms Jocelyn Tan Lew Cheng, English Teacher, Bedok Methodist Preschool
5 years of service

“For me, the greatest reward in working in a faith-based preschool is that I came back to the Lord and my faith has been strengthened through the daily worship. I treasure the moments when former students remember us and visit us during special occasions. It is also heartwarming when graduates and their parents recognise and acknowledge us even when we meet them outside of school.”

Mdm Ong Bee Heoh (Cook, Foochow Methodist Preschool)
30 years of service

(Translated from Mandarin) “My job as a cook is to do marketing, cook for the children and teachers, and wash dishes daily. I feel happy when I see that children and teachers enjoy the food that I cook. The children’s favourite dishes are macaroni soup and fruit salad. For the fussy eaters, I encourage them to finish their food before serving fresh fruit. At Foochow Methodist Preschool, it is like a family. I would like to continue working as a cook at Foochow!”


By Chan Yuey Sum, Marketing Manager at Methodist Preschool Services Pte Ltd. / Photos courtesy of Methodist Preschool Services