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Residents of Term Fun Home with various mission teams that have visited them

As a missionary in Thailand, I am privileged to host mission teams from Singapore. I am often asked: “Do mission teams tire you out? Does their presence add more work for you?”

The honest answer is “Yes.” I often need one to two days to recuperate after the mission teams leave. These visits do make me very tired as I have to make preparations before and during their time here in Chiang Mai.

But even though it is tiring, I do look forward to welcoming teams to my ministry at Term Fun Home. That is because when mission teams visit, they see for themselves what we are doing in the home. They experience first-hand the joys and sorrows we go through with our boys in the home and our members from Mittapab Methodist Church. They see how God can use them to be a blessing to many here.

And when they go back to Singapore, they will in turn be eyes, ears and mouths for us. They will be able to share with others at home what God is doing here in Chiang Mai. Mission teams come well-prepared and take on that important role of being a bridge between God’s work here in Thailand and back in Singapore.

We are all busy people, with families to care for and work schedules to keep up with. Sometimes, all church members are aware of is that the church has a missionary somewhere out there. But what exactly does the missionary do there? Not many really know. Once, when I was back in Singapore for a short break, someone in my church came up to me and asked, “Er, what do you actually do there ah?”

I believe people need to know, not so much about what we are doing, but what God is doing. Not so much about how God is using the missionaries, but more of what we all can do to be a part of God’s work in missions. God, who calls missionaries to step up to serve Him away from home, is also calling you to be a part of His Kingdom work with your God-given talents. And being in the mission field and seeing what God is doing helps you to truly understand and appreciate missions in the field.

John Piper said: “Mission exists because worship doesn’t.” Yes, come, and be the bridge to bring worship to places where people are still searching for divine truth. We are all missionaries in God’s eyes, in one way or another.

Term Fun Home is a home that provides for the basic welfare needs of poor and needy boys from the northern provinces of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son. These boys serve in Mittapab Methodist Church that reaches out to the Shan community.

Please pray:

  • that the joy of the Lord will be our strength in looking after the boys and running the church.
  • for Mod, Monri and Tong as they enter their second year in senior high—a crucial year to pray and decide on a course of study at university.
  • for the boys to have good time management juggling school, the Boys’ Brigade, and church commitments.
  • for Term Fun Home and Mittapab Methodist Church to have a place we can call our own, for a piece of land appointed by God and the necessary funds to purchase it.

When you visit Term Fun Home, you can

  • teach English, Mandarin, guitar, keyboard or drums.
  • conduct Bible camps, soccer clinics.
  • cook yummilicious food, giving cooking or baking lessons.
  • conduct workshops on topics relevant to the youth.
  • or simply come and spend time with us.

When you visit Mittapab Methodist Church, you can

  • visit the Shan families and pray with them.
  • conduct training on worship and worship leading.
  • run a retreat for married couples.
  • conduct youth camps and workshops for our youth.
Residents of Term Fun Home with various mission teams that have visited them
Residents of Term Fun Home with various mission teams that have visited them
Residents of Term Fun Home with various mission teams that have visited them

Angela Sng is a missionary with MMS serving in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Her home church is Toa Payoh Methodist Church.


Photos courtesy of Angela Sng