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MMS rendering help to Timor Leste orphanage

DILI – The Methodist Missions Society (MMS) is rendering help, through its missionary, Ms Lace Sim, to the Familia Hope Orphanage in Gleno, Ermera District of Timor Leste.

There are 28 children and youths aged between 10 and 18 living in the orphanage.

The MMS has seized opportunities to be a channel of God’s blessings to these young people. After more than a year, the children are now able to understand English and can communicate in simple English through the English classes conducted for them.

Character-building through classroom lessons and practical ways have been imparted to them so that they can absorb godly values. They have also been taught Christian songs and told bible stories.

Visiting youth teams taught them to play the guitar and shared God’s love with moving personal testimonies.

Plans are afoot to launch a youth hub in the Ermera District and to construct a two-storey dormitory in the Familia Hope Orphanage compound to provide additional accommodation for the children and mission teams from Singapore and Australia. The dormitory will cost about AS$60,000 (S$75,000) and retired Australian businessmen are spearheading the project.

The MMS will be introducing Alpha and Agricultural (Faith Garden) training for the community. It also plans to provide some financial support to a kindergarten run by a missionary outside Gleno.

Familia Hope does not have regular funding. Sometimes the children have very little food and no money to buy bread for breakfast. Ensuring that they have a nutritious meal is a daily challenge.

The MMS is sponsoring food for breakfast for a whole year. Help the MMS feed the children so that they can go to school and know Christ personally.

Timor Leste, located next to Indonesia, is Asia’s poorest country. Hopes of freedom and rebuilding the country have been reduced by the volatile political situation that has caused fear and uncertainty during the last five years of independence.

Col (Retd) Quek Koh Eng is the Area Director of the Methodist Missions Society.