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Genesis MC in Thailand celebrates 5 years of blessings

ABOUT 100 people attended the 5th Anniversary and Dedication of Genesis Methodist Church in Huey Paraai, Thailand, on Oct 15, 2003.

Pastor Somphan and his family were touched when Bishop Dr Robert Solomon prayed for them. The guests observed a minute’s silence in memory of his father, Pastor Aidawkham, who founded the church.

Among those present were leaders from Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church — Mr Kim Seah, Dr Heng Kim Boon and Mr Henry Samuel), the General Conference Field Board of Ministry members — the Rev R. Prabhu, the Rev Sng Chong Hui, the Rev Tan-Yeo Lay Suan and the Rev Dr Clarence Lim), as well as pastors and leaders from the Thai and Lahu churches.

In his speech, the village head, who at one time was very unhappy with the pastors, expressed his appreciation to the church in blessing and helping the villagers.

Whilst there, Bishop Dr Solomon conducted the Methodist Course — Part 2 for 35 pastors, church leaders and staff at the Wangtarn Resort in Chiangmai.



Cambodian Mission meeting

THE First Annual Meeting of the Cambodian Mission, to be presided by one of the Bishops of the Participating Churches, will be held in Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital, from Jan 26 to 31.

Meanwhile, at the Methodist School in Phnom Penh, parents are more open and willing to drop by the school for advice on handling their children and family life.