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More than burnt offerings

More than burnt offerings
Marcus See

When I joined the Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church (AMKMC) family in 2006, I took six months to get to know the people in church before plunging into its Worship & Music Ministry. I was warmly welcomed from the start and over the years, I have been privileged to serve as Music Director and in the Core Team since 2016.

Whenever I look back at my life in Christ, I feel deeply thankful for God’s gift of music, a gift which had not been apparent to me in my early youth. But in God’s perfect plan, he sent people to nurture me over the years: some “planted”, others “sowed”, and I am grateful to “reap” the blessing. It has been 25 years of service in all and I am still serving God and learning new things at AMKMC.

A Music Director supports the team by working with the Worship Leader to plan the music for Praise & Worship, and to guide the band during practice and live worship. In the Core Team, we pray and plan for the ministry’s direction and initiatives.

When Covid-19 struck in late 2019, the resultant multitude of restrictions made it impossible to conduct regular Sunday services on the church premises. It seemed as if a mountain had risen up overnight between us and the church. But, like the words of the children’s song—“My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do”—we saw that God had already prepared us in advance.

To conduct Sunday Services online, a call was put out for members with the necessary skillsets to support the various functions. I can only attribute it to divine inspiration that in 2019 I felt an urge to revisit my hobbyist MIDI days and started to refresh and acquire various hardware and software. I was even able to carve out a space at home, which enabled me to contribute to the music recordings for online service on Sundays. Only God could have made all these elements come together at the right time.

Of course, we did not start off as experts able to leap over the digital hurdle effortlessly. We had to learn how to make recordings of songs and videos. However, it was heartening that many stepped forward without fully knowing what to expect. It was wonderful to hear of volunteers who responded because they were emboldened by the testimonies of others who had come forward to serve. A couple of churches in the UK and US chanced upon one of our online worship videos and used it at their own services. We had never dreamed that we could bless the body of Christ beyond our shores.

Life has taught me, so far, while we are weak, God is always strong. He patiently loves us and bestows on us gifts and talents to do his Kingdom work.

Pray and see what God can do through you to bless the Church which is the body of Christ, for it is never too early or too late, and you are never too old or too young!


“… I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God that cost me nothing…” 2 Samuel 24:24

This story was first published on Ang Mo Kio MC’s website and reproduced with permission.

Marcus See is married to Ru-Tian and they are devoted parents to four children. Marcus serves in two ministries—Worship & Music, and Cell, at Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church. / Photo courtesy of Marcus See