Mother’s Day poem-writing competition

Churches were closed due to COVID-19 control restrictions, and so, instead of their regular Mother’s Day celebration, ETAC WSCS organised a poem-writing competition. The theme was “motherhood”, and entries were received in both English and Tamil.

Women penned their poems in the three categories:

  1. Motherhood in general, or about their own mother
  2. Expectant mothers or young mothers with children below five years old
  3. Reflections on a Biblical character

We received an overwhelming response of 47 entries. The following is the winning entry in the English category:

Loving Mothers

(By Ryna Raaj, Short Street TMC)

Note from the writer:

There are all kinds of mothers. Single mothers struggling to make ends meet, rationing food one day at a time. Working mothers, who may be seen to have forsaken their children emotionally or physically. Yet these kids yearn for their attention, not the latest gadget or toy. But the children are not aware that their mum is busy, out working, so they can have a better life.

There are also grandmothers who do not speak a word of English. Yet they have had to help their grandchildren navigate home-based learning during the circuit breaker period.

“Loving Mothers” does not just describe mothers—it is also a call to action for families to value mothers, and not just on Mother’s Day.

The Rev James Nagulan was elected President of Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference (ETAC) in 2016 for the quadrennium. He is also Pastor-in-Charge of Tamil Methodist Church (Short Street) and Seletar Tamil Methodist Church.