Mould your students, Methodist teachers told


BISHOP Dr Robert Solomon has urged Methodist School teachers to be good stewards of their talents: to use them to mould the many students who look up to them for direction and guidance.

He was addressing the staff of all the Methodist Schools in Singapore at Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) on Aug 22. It was a time of fellowship and thanksgiving.

The Methodist Schools Staff Get-Together 2008 had as its theme Stewardship in Schools. This was reflected in the programme cover which showed the hands of a teacher reaching out to a child, the themed magnets showing the logos of the different Methodist Schools in Singapore, and the pre-service videos which highlighted God’s hand in our lives and His Plan for our lives.

The Thanksgiving Service that followed in the Tan Chin Tuan Auditorium was a time that saw the congregation of staff rededicate themselves to their calling of being good stewards to the students that came under their care.

The service was attended by 1,400 staff members from the 15 schools. The ACJC Harp Ensemble and ACJC Choir lent their talents to the evening.

After the presentation of Long Service, and Retirement and Appreciation awards, the service ended with the recitation of the Teacher’s Pledge and the singing of the hymn “Give of Your Best to The Master”, reminding all the staff of their common calling and purpose.

Despite a downpour earlier that started at about 5 pm, the staff came streaming in from 5.45 pm in eager anticipation of the event. The showers eased by about 6 pm, just in time to leave the various dining areas comfortably cool and for dinner to begin.

For about an hour, teaching and non-teaching staff mingled and chatted over delicious food accompanied by soft Christian music in a cosy setting. Judging from the sounds of chatter and laughter that filled the dining halls, there is no doubt that everyone was having a good time.

From 7 pm, pre-service reflection videos were screened in the Tan Chin Tuan Auditorium for friends who finished their dinner early. The videos included the very heart-warming story of “The Legend of the Three Trees”, which moved many who saw it.