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MWS gets new Executive Director

Mrs Jenny Bong joined the Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) as Executive Director in June. Trained in social work, she brings 15 years of leadership experience to MWS.


THIS interview was conducted on Mrs Jenny Bong’s second week at work. Understandably, she is still trying to understand the breadth and depth of the Methodist Welfare Services (MWS).

She likens the MWS to a big canvas, with its broad spectrum of programmes and services addressing the needs of different segments of the community.

That the MWS is the social concerns arm of The Methodist Church in Singapore excites her because she desires to be a “Christian social worker”, which is why she lasted 15 years in her previous job in a church-based voluntary welfare organisation. She has been contributing in various ways in the non-profit sector for 25 years.

“I am passionate about people’s needs and meeting them holistically and am a firm believer that one should demonstrate God’s love to the community and uphold the values of mercy, grace and justice,” she said.

At the MWS, she hopes to continue to live out her personal mission to “be dedicated to glorify God and fulfil the great commission by being a people developer, an advocate and a pioneer”. Believing that the core of any organisation is people, she wants to come alongside and bring out the strengths of the staff by being a role model, a person-centred servant leader and a faithful child of God. She desires to help develop the staff through coaching and mentoring.

“I would like to continue to serve the poor, the needy and the helpless by advocating for services that are needed,” she said.

Mrs Bong admits to thriving on challenges. Knowing that the job before her is challenging, she said that there is a greater need to depend on God in every situation. Her hope is to see the MWS being in the forefront, proactive and courageous to respond to the needs of the community.

She is happily married to Kenneth and they have two daughters, Trina and Tricia. They worship at Faith Methodist Church.


Conference to tackle issues of families in transition

FAMILY LIFE in the 21st Century is challenged on many fronts. For example, our global economy and fast-paced society have made it necessary for spouses to take up overseas work assignments or residency. Often, one spouse is left in Singapore to tend to the family.

With the rate of divorce on the rise, it is likely that more individuals are remarrying to form second families, and more single persons are marrying a once-divorced man or woman with children. What is in store for these newly-formed families?

These are but two of today’s headline-making issues. Using our Christian values as the bedrock of our family life, how can we respond to the changes happening around us and yet remain firmly grounded in those values?

A full-day conference on “Living with Families in Transition”, organised by the MWS, will address these issues and more on Sept 26 at the YWCA Fort Canning Lodge. Some of the workshop topics include “Living with an Out of Town Spouse” and “Second Families, Second Chances”.

Bishop Dr Robert Solomon will lead a panel discussion on “Christian Values and our Families” with Mr Anthony Yeo, a consultant therapist, and Ms Denise Phua, Member of Parliament for Kampong Glam.

Workshop speakers include Dr Noreen Chan, a well-known hospice care practitioner, Ms Sigi Hetzler, an occupational and work therapist and nutritionist, and the MWS’ team of family therapists, counsellors and social workers.

To find out more about the conference and download the registration form, visit www.mws.org.sg