My love story with Jesus

My love story with Jesus2
Charis So

I am a hopeless romantic, and Jesus must know this.

One day in May 2003, a longtime friend texted me to ask if I would be interested in accompanying her to a dinner and dance by her cousin’s National Service unit. Her cousin’s platoon mate was looking for a date to bring to the event. I was single at the time so I gamely agreed. Little did I know that that would be the day that I would meet the earthly love of my life and eventually, my love for all eternity.

Yes, I met Christ through my husband. I was from a different faith and the topic of being unequally yoked came up very early in our relationship. It was a make-or-break kind of situation. Finally, I decided to take the dive—one that I was truly uncertain about. Yet it was one that God honoured, and he slowly but surely demonstrated his immeasurable, unfathomable love for me. So much so that I could not help but respond in kind. I had kind of wished that my falling in love with Christ would be like a loud, spectacular display of fireworks—like in a musical, where I would sing from the rooftop. But God had something better in mind. He allowed my love for him to form slowly and steadily, like a gurgling stream meandering through a forest. Maybe that is how my love for him will be sustained until the day I see him face to face.

Charis So is the Admin Executive (Comms and IT Admin Support) at Trinity Methodist Church. She serves as a co-singer in her home church’s worship team and desires to be a blessing to all whom God places in her life. / Photo courtesy of Charis So