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Nanjing Jiade Modern Dance Group to perform here

MMS to help raise funds through four shows

THE Methodist Missions Society (MMS) is committed to church planting and knows that salvation comes only through the preaching of the Gospel.

At the same time, it also wants to extend a helping hand through community development or spiritual partnership to the less fortunate and enable them to stand on their own feet.

One such partner is the Nanjing Jiade Modern Dance Group. We are called to help keep the flame burn brighter and set hearts on fire for these children in Nanjing Jiade Home. The MMS has adopted the Jiade children ministry.

The Nanjing Jiade Modern Dance Group was founded in 2002 by Ms Grace Xie, a renowned dancer and world-class gymnast. Since becoming a Christian five years ago, she formed this dance group by adopting orphans,  underprivileged children and recruiting middle school students who are interested in dancing.

She gives these children a lovely MMS to help raise funds through four shows Nanjing Jiade Modern Dance Group to perform here home with food, lodging and training provided by renowned instructors. Most importantly, she arranges for spiritual training imparting Christian values to make them good disciples. A Singapore Christian couple staying in Shanghai travelled weekly to Nanjing to provide spiritual lessons over the last two years.

As a result, 34 children out of the first batch of 40 accepted Christ and were baptised last year, Ms Xie’s vision is to use dance as a vehicle to evangelise and share the Gospel of Salvation throughout China as well as other parts of the world when opportunities arise. Hence she choreographed the theme of her dance from the Gospel.

These dancers have trained for many years and their love for the arts is shown through the finest skill you will ever see in Singapore – their first international debut.

The MMS, in partnership with Cairnhill Methodist Church and Sengkang Methodist Church, will bring the Nanjing Jiade Modern Dance Group to perform in Singapore in March.

The dancers will be performing four shows at Mrs Lee Choon Guan Concert Hall, ACS (Barker Road):
March 16 and 17, 2007 from 8 pm to 10 pm – organised by Cairnhill Methodist Church in aid of ACS (Junior) School Building Fund.

March 23 and 24, 2007 from 8 pm to 10 pm – an evangelistic concert organised by Sengkang Methodist Church in aid of Sengkang Building Fund.

All the shows will be in two parts. Part 1 consists of worship, praise and testimonies, modern dance and acrobatics.
Part 2 will be the jewel of the show, “The Star of Bethlehem”, depicting creation, the birth of Christ, His ministries, death and resurrection.

The Chinese Annual Conference (CAC) wants to use the concert as an annual evangelistic event to reach out to the many Chinese nationals in Singapore as well as non-Christian friends and relatives.

Admission to all the shows is by invitation-cum-sponsorship. If you or your organisation wishes to sponsor and support the concert, please contact the following:
March 16 and 17 shows:
Mr Ronnie Yeo (Cairnhill MC), mobile
phone: 9633-9003, office: 6836-3933,
email: ronnieyeo@gmail.com
Mr Steven Seah, mobile: 9620-2923,
office: 6536-5369,
email: steven@seahong.com.sg
Pastor-in-Charge: Rev Tan Cheok Kian,
office: 6235-6816,
email: cameth@singnet.com.sg
March 23 and 24 shows:
Mr Edmund Wan (Sengkang MC),
mobile: 9621-2072, office: 6585-5608,
email: wan.edmund@gmail.com
Mr Daniel Xu, office: 6334-6764,
email: Daniel.xu@mns.com.sg
Pastor-in-Charge: Rev Lek Yong Teck,
office: 6385-9455,
email: yongteck@skmc.org.sg

Col (Retd) Quek Koh Eng is the Home Director of the Methodist Missions Society.