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NCCS gives $100,000 to Education Trust Fund

Bishop Dr Solomon receiving the Certificate of Appreciation from PM Goh. Behind them are Dr Yaacob (left) and Mr Abu Bakar
Maidin– ETF picture.

Methodist Church in Singapore contributes $20,000

THE National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS), of which The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS) is a member, has donated $100,000 to the Education Trust Fund (ETF) for the Malay/Muslim community. MCS’ share was $20,000.

Bishop Dr Robert Solomon, President of the NCCS, received a Certificate of Appreciation from Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong at the launch of the ETF by Mr Goh on March 22, 2003.

The Bishop was among other donors present who had also received certificates from Mr Goh.

They included the Lee Foundation, which topped the list with a $1-million contribution, the Singapore Buddhist Lodge, which donated $250,000 and is pledging another $250,000, the Isaac Manasseh Meyer Trust Fund, which gave $100,000, grassroots organisations, corporations and individuals.

Also present at the ceremony were the Acting Minister for Community Development and Sports and Minister in charge of Muslim Affairs, Associate Professor Yaacob Ibrahim, who is the ETF Adviser; ETF Chairman, Mr Abu Bakar Maidin; ETF Vice-Chairman, Mr Haider Sithawalla; and members of the ETF Working Committee.

The creation of ETF, to uplift the education of Malay/Muslim Singaporeans, was announced by Mr Goh in his National Day Rally speech last year.

In less than a year, the ETF has hit $5 million.

Mr Goh, who is the Patron of ETF, told reporters at the launch that he was very encouraged to see “not just Malays contributing, but all races and people of all religions” as well.

In a “Thank You” letter to donors, Mr Abu Bakar Maidin said: “Your presence certainly underlines the significance of this eventful occasion and your magnanimous donation indeed contributed to our success in raising the amount of $5 million.

“We are sanguine that you would continue to give your valued support to help us achieve our target of $10
million by the year 2004.”

MCS will also raise funds for Iraqi war victims, refugees

Meanwhile, The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS) will also be contributing to the Singapore fund for Iraqi refugees and war victims following the Singapore Red Cross Society’s nation-wide appeal on March 23 for donations.

Other community and religious groups, too, will be helping to raise money for the Humanitarian Assistance for Those Affected by the War in Iraq fund.

The Singapore Government has already pledged US$250,000 (S$440,000) to the fund, which is being co-ordinated by the Singapore Red Cross Society.