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New ‘Family of Christ’ in Anhui

Methodist Missions Society starts work in Anhui province, China

METHODIST MISSIONS SOCIETY (MMS) LEADERS and the MMS Country Co-ordinator for China have been cultivating close relationships with government officials and leaders of the Three-Self Church in a town in Anhui province for several years.

Recently, they were invited there to conduct their staff retreat and training for the local church leaders and workers. e three Elders who run the four churches in the province are also members of their Provincial Christian Council. ey were the first generation of migrants from Sichuan province.

The MMS was invited to establish a Children’s Home in partnership with the Three-Self Church in the scenic Huangshan district of Anhui province, to be located next to their new church building. The Government has agreed to set aside 5 “mu” (about 3,330 sq m) of land, which lies in the northern gate of Huangshan, for the Three-Self Church to build a church and a Christian centre known as “Family of Christ”. This centre will be situated in an area of 1,250 sq m.

Huangshan is enthralling in its God-created beauty. It is famous for its sunrise, pine trees, “strangely jutting granite peaks”, and views of clouds touching the mountainsides.

It was declared a “site of scenic beauty and historic interest” covering a core area of 154 sq km. It was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990 for its scenery and for its role as a habitat for rare and threatened species. The Hollywood movie “Avatar” was partly filmed here.

The Christian centre or “Family of Christ” will provide a holistic home for up to 20 orphans and homeless children. It will be a joint venture between the MMS and the local church. Besides operating it as a Children’s Home, the centre can also be used for the MMS annual retreat, Discipleship training of leaders and workers, and as a Bible school and rest-house. The plan is to build a four-storey building in two phases.

Phase 1 will see the construction of a two-storey building that can accommodate a dining hall/chapel, kitchen, conference and training room, seven children’s bedrooms, house-parent accommodation and store rooms. An estimated $200,000 (RMB 1,000,000) is required for this phase.

Under Phase 2, there will be a one-and-a-half storey building consisting of a library, activity hall/training rooms, four children’s rooms, five guestrooms, prayer room and family room with dining and living room. e estimated cost is $130,000 (RMB 650,000).

The Christian centre will enable the MMS to secure a long-term strategic partner in Anhui province. The leaders are influential and also sincere and humble servants of God.

Those interested in helping in or contributing towards this project should call Col (Retd) Quek Koh Eng at 6478-4807 or email him at koheng.quek@methodist.org.sg

Col (Retd) Quek Koh Eng is an Area Director and Director of Operations of the Methodist Missions Society.


My Father’s business’ banquet 

THE METHODIST MISSIONS SOCIETY (MMS) is committed to fulfilling Christ’s great commission to make disciples of all nations as it celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

Once every two years, it holds a banquet for business people, entrepreneurs and professionals. e aim is to raise funds and challenge leaders in the marketplace to join the MMS in responding to the Lord’s call to spread the Good News and minister to the poor and the oppressed.

Your help is needed to enable the MMS to raise $800,000 in this year’s “My Father’s business” banquet. e MMS will invite some 800 people to attend the Aug 28 banquet at the Orchard Hotel Grand Ballroom.

Please consider helping to host one or more tables to invite your business colleagues and church members who may have a heart for reaching out to the poor and furthering God’s Kingdom. e cost of the banquet has already been underwritten by a donor, so any amount you and your guests feel called to contribute will go entirely to the mission fields.

The MMS currently has 26 missionaries and more than 100 nationals/workers serving in six nations, and has planted 130 churches and preaching points. Primarily, it is raising and equipping nationals to provide labourers for the harvest. Also with your prayers and support, the MMS has established schools, orphanages and Bible institutes and provided vocational/skill training to help break the cycle of poverty in developing countries.

For more information, please call Col (Retd) Quek Koh Eng at 6478-4807 or email him at: koheng.quek@methodist.org.sg