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Nine Leap-Year students get hongbao

NINE Leap-Year students from six Methodist schools have received a $50 hongbao each from members of the Methodist Schools’ Foundation (MSF) Committee. The gifts were not from the MSF coffers but came out of the members’ own pockets.

Out of a total student population of 22,000 in 14 Methodist schools, nine were born on Feb 29.

They are Karunan s/o Gunasekaran of ACS (I); Russell Joshsua Foong Wei Ming and Sunder s/o Nagayah of ACS (Junior); Gabriel Tan Yong Hong and Chua Yu Fang (Geylang Methodist Primary School); Gena Xie Xiqing and Sanjoy Eng Jiang Wen (Geylang Methodist Secondary School); Chan Mei Yi (MGS); and Mavis Loke Yarng Yi (Methodist School of Music).

This year being a Leap Year, the MSF Committee decided to give the special hongbao to Methodist school students born on Feb 29. Earlier this year, the MSF wrote to all school principals asking them to submit names of their Leap-Year students.