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Starting 1 Nov 2017, Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) will have a new branding approach which features a refreshed visual identity for MWS and our centres.

Our new branding approach: Being ONE MWS
For a stronger and more visible common identity, MWS has begun the process of bringing about harmonised branding for MWS and our 20 centres and programmes. All our centres will be renamed to include MWS in their new names.

The first key element is revamping the MWS logo typeface for a bolder, and more modern and streamlined aesthetic. The traditional MWS blue has also been brightened for more impact and appeal.

Each of our five impact areas will also be identified by a unique colour. While all our centres belong to ONE MWS, in their service domain, each of our impact areas has a unique role to play in impacting lives.

Our centres will be known by their new names, which are listed on our website www.mws.sg. The visual changes to assets such as signages, vehicles or buildings, and corporate/centre identity materials will be implemented over an eight-month period until mid-2018.

New MWS Vision and Mission
MWS has also made fine amendments to our vision and mission statements to focus on our core passion more succinctly.


To be Christ-centred, in enabling the disadvantaged and distressed to have life to the full.


To enrich the quality of life for the disadvantaged and distressed, through integrated and holistic services in partnership with Methodist churches and the community.

We pray that as ONE MWS and as ONE with the Methodist community, we will create greater social impact amongst the vulnerable and underserved as a testament to God’s love.

New MWS Board of Governance: 2017–2019

During our Annual General Meeting on 16 Sep 2017, MWS elected the new Board of Governance for a two-year term. Please refer to the table below for the new and re-elected board members. MWS expressed profound appreciation to two former MWS board members who have stepped down. They are Mr David Wong Cheong Fook and Dr David Foo Chee Guan.


1 Rev Dr Daniel Koh Kah Soon Chairperson
2 Mr Eugene Toh Ming Hong, PPA (G) Vice Chairperson
3 Mr Albert Lim Song Khiang Honorary Secretary,
BOSC Chairperson (TRAC)
4 Rev Jasper Sim Shenq Chyi Assistant Honorary Secretary
5 Mrs Fong Loo Fern Honorary Treasurer
6 Mr Terence Phung Tuck Chee Assistant Honorary Treasurer
7 Mr Terence Wee Jin Zoo Assistant Honorary Treasurer
8 Mrs Loh Chay Leng Board Member
9 Mr Charles Loh Chee Khiong Board Member
10 Mr Yow Chi Mun Board Member
11 Dr Lee Wee Leong Board Member
12 Mr Tan Chian Khong Board Member
13 Ms Christine Pushpam Tambyah Co-opted Board Member
14 Mr Wendell Wong Hin Pkin Co-opted Board Member
15 Mr Ronnie Gan Seow Khaw Co-opted Board Member
16 Mr George Loh Chee Ping, PPA (P) Co-opted Board Member
17 Mr Lam Wei Choong Co-opted Board Member
18 Mr Raymond Khoo Peng Ann Co-opted Board Member
19 Dr Tan Hai Chuang Co-opted Board Member
20 Mr Samuel Tay Co-opted Board Member, BOSC Chairperson (CAC)
21 Mr Wilson Sampath Co-opted Board Member, BOSC Chairperson (ETAC)
22 Dr Teo Li Bee Co-opted Board Member
President, GCWSCS
23 Mr Darius Chua Director
(Finance, Administration & Programmes), MCS
24 Mr Kim Seah Teck Kim Secretary of the Trustees of the MCS

For more information on how you can be involved in giving or volunteering, please email ce@mws.sg. Visit our website at www.mws.sg.

By the Methodist Welfare Services Communications Team

Photos courtesy of the Methodist Welfare Services