Our Wesleyan heritage

Being a Methodist means being inspired by a founder who believed tradition was to be respected but not slavishly followed, who embraced innovation but did not do so mindlessly, and who freely pursued Christian perfection without being burdened by any expectation of achieving perfection in this life.

It means being a part of a tradition that believes in equipping the lay, seeks authenticity and sincerity in communities and relationships, and passionately desires to extend God’s goodness to all of society.

Following Charles’ hymns, John’s sermons, and Aldersgate, it’s been said that Christian faith can be both supernaturally strange and personally warm, that God though far can also be experientially near, that joy can be holy and holiness can be joyful—I’ve found all this to be true.

It’s comforting knowing that I am always within God’s sovereign grace, whether before or after believing in Christ, that everyone I know and love—believing or not—fall within this sovereign grace, and that God’s sovereignty and our personal freedom are both real. That holiness may simply be a principle within, a simple pain to feel sin near. And that a faithful life can be good enough even if we still make mistakes.

Amazed by God’s love and awakened to the fact that my heart is free, what remains is to simply rise, go forth, and follow Him.

Terence Chua worships at Living Hope Methodist Church and is studying at Trinity Theological College. / Photo courtesy of Terence Chua