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Prayer and spiritual warfare retreat – Nepal

Prayer catapults us into the frontier of the spiritual life…. Real prayer is life-creating and life-changing”

Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

The Methodist Church in Nepal (MCN) conducts regular training for pastors, leaders and the laity, equipping present and future leaders with a firm spiritual foundation, enabling them to reach the unreached and advance God’s Kingdom in Nepal.

Following the theme of ‘Spiritual Holiness’, MCN arranged for Brenda Goh, the (Lay) Head of Department overseeing the Prayer and Intercession ministry of St John’s–St Margaret’s Church, to teach on the spiritual discipline of prayer.

The training session and retreat was held at Wesley Bardan Methodist Church in Kathmandu from 21-24 March 2017, and attracted 44 participants including pastors, leaders and young adults. This was the first session at which every MCN church and preaching point was represented. The objectives of the retreat were to enhance the personal prayer life of the participants and to equip them to minister to their communities.

The retreat covered biblical teachings and principles about prayer. These included lessons on how to give expression to the multi-faceted nature of our relationship with God, and training in different forms of prayer (Listening, Intercessory, Warfare, Meditative and Healing).

Group practicum and sharing amongst the participants also took place during the classes. The retreat concluded with a time of ministry where 23 persons received healing for various physical ailments. Hearts were open and mighty was the Holy Spirit who moved amongst the participants! What a wonderful and blessed time of encounter with the Lord!

As we continue to witness resounding testimonies by the participants on how much they have benefited from such training, the Methodist Missions Society (MMS) will keep up our support of MCN by organising more training opportunities for their clergy and laity to equip them holistically.

We continue to pray and uplift the ministry in Nepal as MCN works towards its vision of ‘Redeeming Nepal for Jesus Christ’!

Amongst the participants of the retreat were 14 young adults, and this augured well for the future leadership of MCN. We caught up with three of them – Shishir BK, Simon Rong, and Christina Pandey – as they shared their experiences at the retreat.

What motivated you to attend this retreat?

Shishir:        The hunger and thirst to know more about Jesus Christ and to seek His presence in my life and to exalt His name!

Simon:         As I have just joined MCN, I believe this Retreat will help prepare me for my ministry. I hope to learn more about prayer and enrich my spiritual walk with Jesus Christ.

Christina:     It has been some time since I last attended a training course that promised to enhance my spiritual life. My desire to serve God more effectively encouraged me to attend this retreat.

How has this retreat changed you?

Shishir:     Prayer was just a part of my life. I now know much more about prayer and it has enhanced my prayers. Learning about the different forms of prayer has enabled me to grow deeper in my relationship with God.

Simon:       I realised that there is much more to prayer. There is a different way to pray for different situations. I also realised that Jesus has given me the authority to pray in His name. I am looking forward to practice what I have learnt to improve my personal life, as well as the lives of those that I share the gospel with.

Christina:   I have a better understanding of the discipline of prayer and how I can pray for those who are in need of ministry. Having been taught the different forms of prayer, I can now pray more confidently and effectively. I thank God for this opportunity and for the Singapore team that has shown so much love towards us.


Please pray for:

  • Participants of the retreat to grow deeper in their personal and spiritual walk with Christ through effective prayer
  • The leaders of MCN as they strategise through Church Planting and Community Development to transform lives
  • God’s outpouring of wisdom upon the government and His blessings upon the people of this beautiful country.

Noel Tam –

is Home Director of the Methodist Missions Society and also the Country Coordinating Officer for Nepal. He worships at Pentecost Methodist Church.