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Progress highlighted, but CAC reminded of other goals


THE start of TA2 building and the completion of Queenstown Chinese Methodist Church last month (December 2003) were highlighted by the Rev Khoo Cheng Hoot, President of the Chinese Annual Conference (CAC), at its 28th session at Sengkang Methodist Church.

In his Presidential Address to the Conference, he also disclosed that the missions programme was strengthened with the Rev Philip Lim and family sent to Cambodia for one year, and support given to the Indonesian Methodist Church in Tanjong Bali. The Rev Lim was Pastor-in-Charge of Singapore Hakka Methodist Church.

The programme of training saw the Emmaus Walk grow beyond the CAC and Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC), with overseas participants from Australia, Malaysia and Taiwan, while the Covenant Discipleship training also grew beyond Singapore with invitations from Australia and Myanmar.

The Rev Khoo also drew satisfaction from a growing cheerfulness in pooling financial resources in missions, as well as financial support towards Trinity Theological College faculty development programme for three people – the Rev Wilfred Ho, Pastor Andrew Peh and Ms Grace Toh – all of whom have progressed well in their studies.

Doubling church membership, building 3 churches by 2010, baptising 2,000 adults, and raising $17.5m for
Sengkang Methodist Church among targets to be met

Re-stating the Conference theme of “Becoming a Christ-like people, full of grace and love, reaching the community through disciple-making”, he reminded the Conference of:
Three long-term goals – doubling church membership, doubling leadership and building three churches at
strategic locations by 2010, and Shorter four-year goals – to baptise 2,000 adults, to raise $17.5m for Sengkang Methodist Church where worshippers have crossed 400, and is growing from baptisms and transfers. He was encouraged by the support that six churches have pledged.

The CAC session opened with a morning Holy Communion Service on Nov 11 with the Rev Dr Isaac Lim, President of Trinity Annual Conference, as the guest speaker. His topic was entitled “A Ministry of Proclamation”.

He said he called “proclamation” a ministry because change and transformation took place when proper proclamation was done. This was evident in the ministry of Jesus.

“Very early in the ministry of Jesus, it was clear to Him that among other things, His mission on earth was a mission of proclamation. The Good News of the Gospel was to be proclaimed through teaching, preaching and healing. And Jesus did just that.

“Today, Jesus still proclaims! He proclaims His message of hope, life, peace, comfort and joy through those who have chosen to accept Him as Lord and Saviour.

“He has chosen to use us, imperfect as we are, both lay and clergy, to proclaim the message of the Gospel and to spread His love even to the ends of the earth. What a privilege,” he added.

The service closed with Bishop Dr Robert Solomon administering the Holy Communion. He was assisted by the Rev Khoo, the Rev Dr Lim, and the Rev Dr Vinson Samuel, President of Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference.

At the Ordination-cum-Closing Service on Nov 13, the Rev Daniel Lim Ah Heng and the Rev Ng Beng Keow were ordained Deacons, and the Rev Philip Lim Kian Leong, the Rev Poh Heow Lee and the Rev Wong Yeow Lin, were ordained Elders by Bishop Dr Robert Solomon.


New DS for City-West named

The Rev Chua Ooi Suah was appointed the new District Superintendent of City-West. He succeeded the Rev Goh Aik Hiang, who was appointed the Pastor-in-Charge of Singapore Hakka Methodist Church. The Rev Goh replaced the Rev Philip Lim Kian Leong, who was appointed Missionary Pastor to Cambodia.

The Rev Daniel Lee Kok Pheng remains as the District Superintendent for City-East.

The Rev Ding Bing Hoe, who retired as Pastor-in-Charge of Geylang Chinese Methodist Church, was recognised by the Conference. He was not present as he was ill, but the Rev Khoo paid tribute to him and offered a prayer for him.