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Publishing and training to serve Chinese churches worldwide

Vincent Toh is the General-Secretary of Christian Communications Singapore. He was previously featured in an article in the August 2012 issue of Methodist Message for his heroic act of volunteering as hostage when a tour group he was leading in Egypt was held up by gunmen.


Christian Communications Singapore

Address: 8 Burn Road,

Trivex #09-15,

Singapore 369977


Tel: 6323-3354

Email: go@cc-sg.org

Website: cc-sg.org

“Thank you for the books and training you provided, which has helped my ministry in our country. Everyone in our village is grateful to you.” These words of thanks were expressed to Christian Communications Singapore (CCS), a Christian organisation serving Chinese churches through publishing and media ministry, training ministry, China ministry, and other services.


Reaching more than 1,000 church leaders and 100,000 people yearly, CCS aims to assist the growth of the universal Chinese Church in Christ, bear witness for the Lord Jesus and expand God’s kingdom throughout the land.


“Teaching the Bible” is always the first priority of every ministry of CCS. We zero in on helping believers be rooted in the Word of God and build a firm foundation of faith. For this purpose, CCS focuses on three major areas.


Literature Ministry

We publish, develop, import and translate high-quality Chinese Christian literary, Bible Study and Sunday School materials from all parts of the world to benefit the Chinese churches and the brothers and sisters in Singapore. By God’s grace, CCS is one of the biggest centres for Chinese Sunday School material and resources in Singapore.


Through the years, God has blessed Singapore with many faithful pastors and Bible teachers, who have developed many wonderful teaching materials to equip their church members and students. CCS has the honour of working with some of them, such as the Rev Caleb Soo and the Rev Polly Wang, publishing their works to bless the body of Christ. Our latest publication is How Great is Your Love, a devotional handbook of meditations for Lent by the Rev Dr Pan Chou Wee, a lecturer at Trinity Theological College.


“This is a two thumbs-up course! I feel privileged to join this course, as it helped me learn methods of evangelism, and become more confident to share the gospel.”

– Participant in the ‘From Doubting to Believing’ course


Recently, we have also converted our books into e-books, not only because e-books are getting more popular, but also because e-books are more accessible in some parts of the world where getting hard copies is difficult. Try it out – download our eReading app (Empowering Reading) from Google Play or iTunes today, and empower yourself by reading a good book!


Christian Education

GDP Learning Hub (Grow, Develop and Progress) is the training arm of CCS. We conduct various programmes and courses with different churches to assist the body of Christ to grow in Him, develop their spiritual gifts, and become reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others (2 Tim 2:2).

Our programmes include family education, Sunday School teachers’ training, Bible Land orientation and personal evangelism courses. ‘From Doubting to Believing’ is one of the most popular courses we offer that has trained over 500 brothers and sisters who are committed to personal evangelism. Said a participant: “This is a two thumbs-up course! I feel privileged to join this course, as it helped me learn methods of evangelism, and become more confident to share the gospel.”

In 2016, we are going to have two new programmes : ‘Only You can be You’ and ‘Chinese Calligraphy & Spirituality’.


China Gospel Ministry

Our China Ministry is committed to serving the churches in mainland China through pastoral care and training, supplying teaching materials to assist the Chinese churches to reach out to Chinese, especially the tribal groups in Western China. In recent years, God has opened doors for us to reach out to Chinese mainlanders in Singapore. We also give away books to churches in China and Bible college students from mainland China who are here.


We thank God that CCS is blessed to be a blessing and a “spiritual arsenal” for local and overseas churches. It is only by God’s grace and providence through the body of Christ and our fellow brothers and sisters that we can achieve what we have.

We look forward to your prayer support and partnership in ministry. To find out more about our ministry and latest developments or to serve as ministry partners and volunteers, please visit our website or subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter available in Chinese and English.