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Putting faith into practice through outreach initiatives

Salomone D is a member of AMKTMC

To me, being a Methodist is growing as a disciple of Christ with the guidance and care of a strong community of believers, while serving the Church and community at large.

Although I didn’t grow up in a Methodist church, I quickly grew to appreciate the methodical way in which ministries were run and the church functioned—those in the Church were always clear in their intention to give their utmost for Christ, which inspired and challenged me to grow as a disciple of Christ and a leader. I witnessed the church putting faith and love into action through the various community outreach initiatives in our local church as well as those organised by the Methodist Welfare Services.

The various Bible studies and sermons I have participated in have urged me to delve deeper into the Word and grow in my knowledge of God; my conviction to live in accordance to the Word increased as well. I am thankful for the plethora of opportunities that we have as Methodists to broaden our knowledge of our faith, especially through the Aldersgate SG annual keynote event and the workshops that were organised virtually during this pandemic.

I am also thankful for the strong community of believers with whom I have been able to fellowship over the years. I can rely upon them for prayer, spiritual support and godly counsel. The fact that we have the three Annual Conferences also presents us Methodists with the opportunity to collaborate, learn from one another and show the love of Christ to the community around us. I praise God for The Methodist Church in Singapore, and I pray that He will continue to use us to serve and bless Singapore in the years to come.

Salomone D is a member of Ang Mo Kio Tamil Methodist Church, where he leads the Young Adult Fellowship. He is also actively involved in serving the youth ministry across ETAC.