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“It is not just meals delivery, we always have to look out for the welfare of our elderly clients,”

says Song Meng

It seemed to be another routine day for BCCSC Senior Home Care Assistant, Mr Lim Song Meng, as he made his usual meals-on-wheels delivery to his elderly clients in the eastern part of Singapore. But it was not to be. One of the elderly whom he knew was home-bound did not respond to his greetings at the door. Sensing something was wrong, Song Meng peered through the window. His elderly client was lying on the floor with a big, red burnt patch on her leg. Song Meng called the centre to report his finding and was advised to bring her to the polyclinic. She was subsequently hospitalised.

“It is not just meals delivery, we always have to look out for the welfare of our elderly clients,” says Song Meng.

Such is the love which goes beyond providing a service that epitomises Bethesda Care and Counselling Services Centre (BCCSC)’s vision – to reach out and touch. BCCSC is a voluntary welfare organisation and a member of the National Council of Social Services. Started in 1996, with a vision of reaching out and meeting the needs of the community in Bedok area, BCCSC has been expanding its services in caring for the children, youths, families and the elderly in need within the community in eastern Singapore.

Below are some of the ways BCCSC serves the community:

1. Senior Home Care Services
With Singapore’s ageing population, many frail or wheelchair-using elderly require transportation and accompaniment to their medical appointments. BCCSC has seen a 45 per cent increase in need for Medical Escort Services from 2013 to 2014. These seniors often also require provision of their daily meals as they are unable to get food on their own. BCCSC meets this need with the Meals-on-Wheels programme which delivers lunch and dinner to them. The area of coverage includes Tampines, Simei, Bedok and Pasir Ris.

2. Active Ageing Program
In 2012, BCCSC launched the Active Ageing Program to reach out to seniors in the community. Supported by South East CDC, BCCSC engages seniors through a wide range of activities such as karaoke, line dance, Rummy-O, handicraft, and exercise. BCCSC has more than 200 active participants in these weekly activities which are supported by a core group of volunteers.

3. Family Services
BCCSC Family Services works with schools in eastern Singapore to do school-based social work through initiatives such as the Enhanced Step-Up programme, Service Learning and character-building workshops. BCCSC Family Services also provides counselling services to individuals or families with mental, emotional or parenting issues. In addition, casework assistance is provided to families in need through financial assistance and referral to community resources. In FY13/14, 126 families were assisted and 60 of them benefited from the food rations assistance.

4. excITE@College East
Based in ITE College East in Simei, excITE@College East is a youth centre established with the aim of promoting positive habits and healthy values among youths. The centre organises activities and interest groups such as guitar sessions to encourage students to drop by, hang out and foster bonds. excITE@College East works with teachers to assist in organising activities for their classes so as to introduce new skill sets and experiences to the student body.

5. Integrated Special Student Care Centre (ISSCC)
The ISSCC offers an extensive children-oriented programme to serve single-parent families, and families with low income. It provides comprehensive before and after-school care for students aged seven to 14 with the fees kept affordable. Activities are balanced between supervised homework and other indoor work, as well as outdoor recreation activities. Special excursions and programmes are planned for the children during school holidays.

BCCSC continues to grow in response to the ever-growing need of our society today for quality professional social services.  We welcome you to partner us, to continue reaching out and touching the lives of those in need, as well as providing relief for today and hope for tomorrow.

To explore how we can work together, please email us at admin@bccsc.org or call us at 6645-5100.

BCCSC provides frail or wheelchair-using elderly with transportation and accompaniment to their medical appointments.
School-based character-building workshops are run by the Family Services Department.

excITE@ College East – A youth centre based in ITE College East with the aim of promoting positive habits and healthy values.

Tu Huai Chieh is Corporate Communications Manager at Bethesda Care and Counselling Services Centre (BCCSC).