Seletar Tamil Methodist Church – Growing and serving together

Seletar Tamil Methodist Church - Growing and serving together
SELTMC during the Zoom Bible Quiz that was held on National Day

Seletar Tamil Methodist Church (SELTMC) celebrates its 86th anniversary this year.  In 2005, the Lord blessed us with a place of worship, St George’s Chapel at Loyang Avenue, where we have been worshipping since then under the leadership of various pastors, and now shepherded by Rev James Nagulan.

In this time of anxiety and uncertainty, we stand together with Singapore to battle COVID-19 by encouraging members to practise safe distancing. To limit physical contact, we conduct online services. Despite the challenges, we are standing firm and committing ourselves fully to the Lord’s work by the grace of the Almighty.

SELTMC values growing and serving together for the establishment of God’s word in this world. Although the pandemic has propelled us to use technology extensively, we continue to create multiple touchpoints with our various ministries and events. One such event that brought the entire congregation together over Zoom was the Online Bible Quiz, which was one of the church’s main programmes of the year. We thank God for the members who participated actively. Through technology, we were able to explore opportunities and be creative in uniting the congregation. However, we believe that this is a temporary measure and look forward to attending face-to-face church programmes and other Methodist events.

Another ministry that SELTMC contributes towards is the Bedok Preaching Point ministry. We were able to reach out to some of the residents in the Bedok vicinity. Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church (BBTC) has been gracious in opening up their doors for us to conduct this ministry freely on their premises.

As SELTMC does not have a permanent place of worship, we have moved to various locations over the past 86 years. It is our desire to move into a place of our own in the eastern part of Singapore so that we are able to give more attention to our ministries and spread the Gospel to more who are living in the east.

Much as we aspire for a permanent place of worship, we do acknowledge that the church is not just a building but it is a gathered people.

Our mission therefore is

  • to BUILD: every member having an abiding relationship with Jesus;
  • to EQUIP: members actively serving in a ministry, and raising new leaders;
  • to PROVIDE: providing pastoral care and being involved in connect groups; and
  • to be RECOGNISED: a lighthouse that creates avenues for worship and reaches out to those searching for spiritual connection in the east of Singapore.

Justin John and Deborah David are members of Seletar Tamil Methodist Church (SELTMC) / Photo courtesy of SELTMC