Serving in the mission field with your spouse

Serving in the mission field with your spouse
Rev Leslie Lim and his wife Linda

Rev Leslie Lim is the MMS Country Director for Vietnam. He and his wife, Linda, have served as missionaries in Vietnam for more than 8 years. He shares about what it is like to be serving in the mission field with one’s spouse.

Methodist Message (MM): Did you and your wife always have a heart for missions? How did you become missionaries in your current mission field?

Rev Lim: Both Linda and I had a heart for missions even before we were married. She was a new believer and studying at the Discipleship Training School at Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Melbourne. I was a missionary serving in a Campus Christian ministry in Victoria, Australia.

Our postings since have led us to work with overseas students or pastors, or in missions. We both served at ACS Oldham Hall at Barker Road for more than 12 years, actively ministering to the overseas students and young professionals. In my previous church, I trained overseas pastors on church planting.

As a pastor under TRAC, I was always in charge of or involved in missions. My prayer was always that I would have the opportunity to inspire and educate our members to explore and go for missions to witness God’s work in different cultures and in different countries.

MM: How has serving in the mission field with your spouse strengthened your marriage?

Rev Lim: We are mindful that we are role models for the people we are serving and pray to remain faithful to him. We are strengthened by the heavenly vision that God has given us to go and build strong and biblical disciples of all nations. God has opened the way for us to serve in Vietnam, and we are always amazed by the marvellous things that God has done and is doing.

MM: What were some challenges you faced as a couple in a foreign land and how did you deal with them?

Rev Lim: We faced language and cultural barriers. We did not do things the conventional way like learning the language first, but instead, plunged ourselves into active ministry the moment we stepped into Ho Chi Minh City. Patiently, we ploughed the land with sweat and tears, persevering in our outreach efforts and God ultimately gave the harvest.

MM: What advice would you give to other couples thinking of serving in missions?

Rev Lim: God cannot use an idle life. Be actively involved in serving the Lord in your local church. Ideally, serve the Lord together before going to your long-term mission field. Be certain of your joint calling to missions because this choice is one that is counter-culture and will certainly bring with it challenged that you will have to face together as a couple.

Rev Leslie Lim is the MMS Country Director for Vietnam. / Photos courtesy of Rev Leslie Lim