Serving the Lord in Thailand – 1st Session of the Mission Conference of Mettakij Christian Association

The work in Thailand began in December 1992 with a visit by the then Council on Missions Chairman, Rev Dr Clarence Lim, Rev Khoo Cheng Hoot, Mr Lim Chong Heng and Mrs Pearlie Lim. This is recorded in the Thai Provisional Book of Discipline.

On 19 March 2005, the Wesley Methodist Church in Thailand (WMCT) was formally constituted by The Methodist Church in Singapore, the founding Conference. Bishop Dr Robert Solomon was its presiding Bishop. WMCT was later renamed the Mettakij Christian Association (MCA).

On 15 March 2022, after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, MCA pastors, leaders and members gathered together physically for the First Session of the Mission Conference, at Shineforth Methodist Church, Chiangmai. By God’s grace, travel restrictions had eased and our delegation from Singapore was able to attend the meeting.

The day began with a service, where Bishop Dr Gordon Wong shared a message on contentment from Philippians 4:11-13, and encouraged the church to continue to rejoice in the Lord whether in lack or in abundance. Attendees celebrated Holy Communion and the first session of the Mission Conference was declared open.

We were encouraged by the faith and love demonstrated by the Church through the reports that they gave at the meeting. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, the Church has persevered and grown, with much prayer and through the sharing of resources. New preaching points were planted and new leaders raised. Today, MCA has 17 churches, 10 preaching points, two schools, two nurseries and two hostels.

At the closing service, new Deacons were ordained, together with Deacons-elect, Elders and Elders-elect. There are now 19 Elders and four Deacons in MCA.

The meeting marked the retirement of three Pastors and Mrs Sungwan Yeo, the Principal of Vineyard Methodist School. Thank God for their long years of faithful service.

We returned from the conference with much joy and thanksgiving, with a renewed hope to see MCA become a Provisional Annual Conference.

We are grateful for the faithful and longstanding support of our partner churches in Singapore, and continue to welcome more churches to join us in this work.

To God be the glory!

Jeremy Choo is the Personnel & Missionary Care Executive, Country Coordinating Officer (Thailand) at the Methodist Missions Society / Photo courtesy of Jeremy Choo