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Should I start a relationship with a non-Christian?

I am a Christian and wondering if I should I start a relationship with a non-Christian. The guy is sincere and willing to try to go church with me and know about Christ. What should I do?


At The Well

Benny says

Dear Jo,

If I assume that it is your hope this relationship will end in a lifelong marriage, then being with someone of the same faith becomes an important consideration. This is because having a similar faith may mean that there are more similarities in ways of looking at the world, having common values and aspirations.

However, the key word there is “may”. Just because one is baptised or of the same denomination does not mean that you both will see eye to eye on every matter. It helps, but it is not a guarantee. What it should mean is that a Christian couple can have a similar foundation upon which to build a lifelong, satisfying relationship. And when there are differences, they can perhaps have a better chance of resolving these amicably.

If your friend shows an interest in your faith, this is good, but it should be out of a genuine interest in what he sees is important to you. The testimony of your devotion to God should spark a desire in him to want to know more. Becoming a Christian should be because he has found the answer to life’s deeper needs, and not just as a way of finding a life partner.