Methodist Church

Singapore envoy visits Methodist School of Cambodia

PHNOM PENH – Singapore’s Ambassador to Cambodia, Mr Lawrence Anderson, visited The Methodist School of Cambodia on March 21, 2007.

Accompanied by the Second Secretary, Mr Jonathan Lim, he was greeted at the school gate by the Rev Philip Lim, Country Coordinator of the Methodist Missions Society, and Mr Stephen Yeo, principal of the school. He was ushered into the school chapel where he received a traditional Khmer welcome dance by the girls from our Grade 7 class.

In his speech, Mr Anderson expressed his delight at being invited to be part of the school’s Prize-Giving Day. He said: “Methodist schools have a proud tradition of moulding young boys and girls to become thinking, caring and giving people. Teachers tell you to study hard and to do well in examinations.

This is very important. But even more important is that they also teach students to be honest, respectful of their elders and to help those who are less fortunate than themselves. This gives the children a balanced education, so that they grow up to be intelligent, mature adults, responsible parents and future leaders.”

He added: “What is distinctive to Methodist schools is the strong emphasis on Christian teaching.” He closed his speech by congratulating all the students who have done well and encouraging the others to study hard to make the grade the next time.

After the speech, he gave away prizes to the top three students of each class. In all, Mr Anderson handed out prizes to 36 students. Later he planted a mast tree on the grounds of the school, and was taken on a tour of the school.

The principal and staff were commended for a job well done.