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Six schools, one family, ‘ONE ACS’

ACS BOG and schools mapping out initiative embodying ACS Spirit and Common Vision

MEMBERS of the ACS Board of Governors, principals, vice-principals and heads of departments (PE and CCAs) met at a workshop-cum-lunch at the Pines Club on July 1, 2006 to share, discuss and map out the ONE ACS initiative which embodies the ACS Spirit and the Common Vision.

In the discussions, some of the major ideas surfaced were:

1. To create and ensure multiple platforms for ACS boys (and girls) to interact with one another.

2. The students from various ACS schools should treat each other as brothers (and sisters) and care for one another.

3. To inculcate a sense of belonging so that ACS students are motivated and encouraged to stay and want to continue their education in one of the ACS schools.

Currently, the staff and students from the different ACS schools have collaborated in various ways – for example, in Odyssey of the Mind, teachers from ACS (Independent) helped ACS (Junior) got started in leadership training, and prefects of ACS (Barker Road) are role models to ACS (Primary).

When ACS (International) was established last year, students from ACJC were present to lend a helping hand in Orientation Week. ACS (International) students participated in ACJC’s production, Camelot. Joint performances between ACS (Barker Road) and ACJC were initiated in several drama productions in 2003 and 2004.

Over one weekend, a combined ACS (International) and ACS (Barker Road) team played rugby against the ACS Old Boys.

A spokesman said: “We look forward to the day when ACS (International) plays rugby against other schools and ACS boys (and girls) from all the six ACS schools cheering them on; or ACS (Barker Road) on the badminton courts with all the six ACS schools behind them.

“Truly then will we live up to what we sing in our School Anthem – ‘our Hearts, our Hopes our Aims are One’ and ‘we stand together for the cause of ACS forever!’ ”

Following the July 1 workshop, a retreat is planned to further discuss and adopt the activities and programmes for the ONE ACS initiative.

Said the spokesman: “We hope ACS parents, Old Boys and other stakeholders will come together and join us in this exciting endeavour.”

Two years ago, members of the ACS Board of Governors, principals and vice-principals of all the ACS schools attended a one-day strategic workshop at a hotel to discuss what is meant to be a part of the ACS Family.

All the participants left the meeting on a high note.

The ACS Family Mission was reviewed and adopted and its core values were well articulated.

The ACS Family Mission

The ACS BOG and the ACS schools aim to provide a holistic education centred on Methodist teachings and values that will educate and nurture ACS students as scholars, leaders and global citizens.

ACS Family Core Values

God-centred – Doing the right thing in the eyes of the Lord. Loyal – Remaining true to family, school and country. Integrity – Always doing the right thing.

Stewardship – Knowing when and how to lead and serve. Respect – Always knowing when to accord appropriate regard.

The ACSian

Enterprising – Having a sense of adventure and risk and daring to succeed.

Passionate – Possessing a zest for life in everything that we undertake.

Confident – Possessing the courage to try and achieve. Team Player – Knowing how and when to leverage on the strength of others.

Empathy – The ability to place ourselves in the shoes of others and to care for one another.

Although much has been achieved since the last strategic workshop, it was decided that these bold initiatives be consolidated with concrete steps by formulating new ideas and initiating combined schools’ activities and programmes.

The Best Is Yet To Be!

Mildred Tan is a member of the ACS Board of Governors.