Sowing gospel seeds in the young

George Loh
George Loh

I was born into a Christian family. My grandmother and mother brought me to church at a very young age. I loved attending Sunday school because of the many interesting Bible stories, the fun times I had with friends and of course, the nice goodies and prizes given out for active participation and regular attendance. The seed of the gospel was sown into my young and innocent heart, preparing me to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour at the church’s youth retreat after the PSLE. My Bible knowledge deepened as I learnt the teachings of Jesus Christ and principles of Christian living during my teenage years. An older, mature Christian mentored me and my Christian faith took root.

I thank God for choosing me to be his child even before the creation of the world. I know my stubborn self would never accept Jesus Christ on my own, especially if I had not first come to know Jesus Christ when I was young. Although I have served in many different capacities in church over the years, I continue to be involved in Youth Ministry and Discipleship. This is because I am convinced that when the young are exposed to the Good News at a young age, there is a higher chance of them becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.

George Loh is the LCEC Chairperson at Ang Mo Kio Chinese Methodist Church. / Photo courtesy of George Loh