St Francis Methodist School highlights its growth of last 50 years

ST FRANCIS METHODIST SCHOOL (SFMS) celebrated its 50th anniversary with great joy on May 5, 2010. It began with a multi-media presentation depicting the growth of the school.

Bishop Dr Robert Solomon delivered a very apt message. He praised the uniqueness of SFMS because it was not a “crowd pleaser” but one that answered to a higher calling.

The parable of the Prodigal Son, he said, had an often overlooked message that spoke even more than of the repentant son. The older son may not have squandered but he was not exactly happy remaining with his father. Was he a “crowd pleaser”?

The Bishop also read e Wemmick Story, by Max Lucado, to bring home the point that “Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7).

In her speech the Principal, Mrs Lennie Cho, highlighted the activities of the school in line with its mission and vision of enabling students to gain a holistic education, to enable them to go on to higher levels of study and spiritual achievement.

She also highlighted the school’s talented students and teachers who have carved a niche in the national arena as well. Ms Erika Chen Huan, one of the teachers, an alumni, impressed the audience with her sand painting fluidly tracing the growth of SFMS while she sang “To God be the Glory”.

A musical written, choreographed, directed and presented entirely by staff and students graphically represented the development of the school over its 50-year history starting with Mrs Harriet Doraisamy’s vision for her school.

A copy of a commemorative book was presented to each of the guests including pastors, school principals and all well-wishers, national and international.

A. Iynkaran is an English Language teacher at St Francis Methodist School.