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Stanley Ling inducted as SIM East Asia head

A CHINESE Annual Conference lay leader, Dr Stanley Ling How Chiong, is now the Regional Director of SIM East Asia. He was inducted at a servbice at Ang Mo Kio Chinese Methodist Church on Aug 5, 2006.

As Chairman of the Board of Missions of the Chinese Annual Conference, he is no stranger to mission work.

He was introduced as “a humble and faithful servant of the Lord” by Dr Andrew Ng, Deputy International Director of SIM at the induction ceremony.

Bishop Dr Robert Solomon, in his message, told the congregation that it is a great privilege to carry the name of Jesus.

He said: “Bearing the name of Christ is connected firstly with ministry and mission, which is our vocation.”

“Carrying the name of Jesus also means that there would be suffering.

“But if we persist, God will reward us.”

Dr Ling, who has many years of working relationship with SIM, asked all present to pray for him and his family as he takes on his new role of Regional Director.

He also pledged to give his best to SIM before he did a presentation on the work of the organisation.

The induction service, which was well attended, was followed by a fellowship dinner.