Studying the Word changed my life

Kimberly Chia
Kimberly Chia

I accepted Christ in my teenage years through the Girls’ Brigade and have been a Kampong Kapor Methodist Church member since 2019. To me, being a Methodist means being connected to a broader group of churches committed to making disciples of Christ: disciples who, being saved through God’s grace, bear testimony through pursuing holiness in all areas of their life. After all, as Wesley wrote, a Methodist is “one who lives according to the method laid down in the Bible”.

Embarrassingly enough, it has only been in recent times that I have taken to studying the Bible more seriously. Much of Scripture was, to me, mere stories and standalone verses. That changed following my participation in a DISCIPLE I class last year, where my hunger for the Word grew. Studying the Word in a small group was also helpful for accountability.

As I read the Bible with greater intensity and faithfulness, I noticed changes in my life. For example, I recall God’s truths and promises in times of trouble more easily now. I have also grown to recognise that the Word is more than just ideas on pages. The Word is also a Person—Jesus Christ—whom I am still learning to trust and obey daily.

I pray that God will rekindle a deep love for the Word among us. I also pray for more to serve as teachers and preachers of the Word. And if you have not considered reading the Bible habitually and deeply, ask yourself, why not?

Kimberly Chia serves in the Youth and Young Adult Ministries at Kampong Kapor Methodist Church (KKMC). She is also co-facilitating a DISCIPLE I class, and trusts that God will sustain her in this new season of ministry. / Photo courtesy of Kimberly Chia