Tang Poh Kim retires as Education Secretary

Retired Geylang Methodist School (P) Principal Mabel Wee succeeds her

THE Education Secretary of The Methodist Church in Singapore, Mrs Tang Poh Kim, has retired after serving for eight years, and has been succeeded by Ms Mabel Wee.

Bishop Dr Robert Solomon said of her: “We want to thank Mrs Tang for her faithful service these past eight years. She has worked very closely with our schools.”

The Bishop also welcomed Ms Wee, saying that he hopes she will find her service as the new Education Secretary “fulfilling”.

The Council on Education has also re-appointed Dr Lee Li Eng, Mr Low Wee Ping, Mr Gerald Lim and Mr Kim Seah as Assistant Education Secretaries.

A career education officer, Mrs Tang had served the Ministry of Education (MOE) for many years. She was appointed as the Education Secretary after her retirement from the MOE as Principal of Fairfield Methodist Secondary School.

Ms Wee retired as Principal of Geylang Methodist School (Primary) at the end of last year.

Also a long-serving education officer, she was with the Ministry of Education for 41 years – 18 years as Principal, three years as Vice-Principal, three years as a Specialist Writer at CDIS, two years on scholarship study and 15 years as a teacher.

Mrs Tang told Methodist Message:

“I thank God for the privilege of being the Education Secretary for the last eight years. The work kept me in touch with the schools … another eight years to add to my 53 years spent as a student, teacher and Principal of Fairfield (since 1948).

“Our Methodist Schools are indeed our rich mission fields and the good work started by our missionary founders like Bishop William Oldham and Miss Sophia Blackmore must continue.

“I thank God we now see a closer partnership between the schools and the churches. We need to pray for godly leaders and teachers to nurture and harvest the generations of godly leaders of the future.”

Ms Wee said she sees challenges in:

• “Wearing the big shoes of Mrs Tang Poh Kim”,

• Continuing to fulfil the mission and vision of The Methodist Church in Singapore,

• Ensuring that the Christian character is preserved and enhanced in our kindergartens, schools and college, and

• Promoting and coordinating the work and development of Methodist education.

She said: “I hope with the guidance and support of Mrs Tang and the staff of The Methodist Church in Singapore, I can be inducted quickly and serve effectively in the Lord’s work.

“I hope that the Spirit of God will open my eyes to illumine me … that I may see glimpses of truth He has for me. I hope to go as the Lord leads to change hearts and minds.”

She said she is looking forward to the partnership, support and cooperation of Methodist Schools, Kindergartens and the Anglo-Chinese Junior College.

She also looks forward to the spiritual, emotional and financial support from the Methodist Schools’ Foundation and Methodist Churches, as well as the impact of chaplains and Christian Ministry Staff “so that together, we will see growth in Christian values and character”.


‘Recovering the Heart’ worship symposium

IN LINE with the Methodist School of Music’s (MSM) vision to be a regional centre of study in the area of worship and the creative arts, the school will conduct a worship symposium on the theme, “Recovering the Heart, Uncovering the Art”. It will be held at Trinity Theological College and MSM from June 14 to 17, 2009.

The life and vibrancy of the worship in churches often depend on the attitudes, skill and energy of their ministry leaders and musicians. With the expertise of more than 20 renowned church music and creative arts consultants and practitioners, the symposium aims to build skills, explore resources and share ideas within the faith community in the region.

The plenary sessions on the “heart” and “art” of worship will be conducted by Rupert Lim and Greg Scheer respectively. Rupert is the Pastor of Cornerstone Community Church and Greg, author of the book The Art of Worship — A Musician’s Guide to Leading Modern Worship, is the Minister of Worship at Church of the Servant, and Music Associate at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Greg will also be leading in the workshops on arranging for the band, and a band masterclass.

Through the more than 30 workshops (registration required), three plenary sessions and four varied evening worship events (free admission) featuring Asian music, drama, contemporary and traditional music respectively, participants will become more aware of the biblical basis for a healthy balance between artistry, skill and maintaining a worshipful attitude. Hymns and songs incorporate contemporary and traditional music from both the East and the West.

Register at MSM, or online at: www.

Fees vary for full package, two days or one-day sessions. A 10-per cent early bird discount will apply to registrations received by March 31, 2009. The closing date is April 30, 2009.

The symposium is made possible by the MSM Visiting Professors’ Fund in Memory of the Late Mr Wong Ha Hee.