Tapestry Generations Unbroken

Rev Edmund Chan, English Track keynote speaker

From 16 to 19 June 2022, the inaugural PLMC Conference saw more than 1,000 attendees at the English, Mandarin and Children’s Tracks. The Conference was one of the major events in celebration of the 90th Anniversary of Paya Lebar Methodist Church(PLMC). With the theme of “Tapestry – Generations Unbroken”, it featured many prominent and gifted speakers to meet the diverse needs of the attendees. In the spirit of the Conference’s theme and the call for fellowship and communion, the programme included an array of decentralised bonding activities for everyone.

The co-chairs of the Organising Committee, Jonathan Lim and Angela Lim, shared about the conference theme and a deliberate move to involve young people in the committee. “At PLMC’s 90th Anniversary, we wanted to honour the different generations in our church. God is the master weaver, and the church is his loom. He weaves his tapestry by uniting believers together in our love for him and his people,” Jonathan said.

Conference organisers
Rev Dr Chern Hock Chye, Chinese Track keynote speaker
Rev Nicholas Choo, Children's Track speaker

“It is our desire that the Conference will be a platform to raise the next generation in our church. These young people are precious gems and we want them to be more engaged in church and establish their roots with the rest of the church family, for church to be relevant to them,” Angela said.

Some of the participants were asked what spoke to them most and what their takeaways were. Here are some of their responses.

Sally Seow (2nd from right) bonding with her Cell Group

“For me, a central theme was one of surrender—Surrender my dreams, desires and fears. Surrender my children. I constantly struggle with the question of whether I am surrendering or giving up. It is my hope and prayer that all who attended the conference and have been called to surrender will find encouragement in knowing that they are not the only ones struggling, and to reach out to trusted brothers and sisters who can pray alongside them.” Su Mei Lenden

“Dr Tam and Isaac Ong were inspiring. They helped me not to measure everything according to benchmarks like efficiency and effectiveness alone. They reminded me to be willing to help someone achieve their dreams.” Allen Cheng

“The topics were relevant and I’m glad the church was able to address sensitive topics through a truthful and loving discussion. The sessions deepened my understanding of God’s design and helped me embrace his love for us as his creation. With the many reminders I got from the conference, there is a greater need for obedience, too! God wants our availability over our ability.” Rianna Charisse Cardano

“From the Conference, I was assured that I am not too young to help in church.” Christian Chua

“The bonding activities were creative and engaging for all-the young and the young-at-heart. This Conference organised by the young leaders was very refreshing and relevant to the theme” Sally Seow

Allen Cheng
Christian Chua
Su Mei Lenden

By Paya Lebar Methodist Church Communications Team / Photos courtesy of Paya Lebar Methodist Church