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Thanking God and touching people in Chinatown

Fairfield Methodist Church Celebrates 60th Anniversary

FAIRFIELD Methodist Church celebrated its 60th Anniversary with a worship service, a dinner and the launching of a commemorative book on Feb 24, 2008.

The church, which was founded 60 years ago with 20 founding members on Feb 1, 1948, today has more than 750 worshippers in the English, Mandarin and Dialect Ministries.

The theme for the celebration was “Thanking, Telling, Touching”. Bishop Dr Robert Solomon, who gave the sermon “Being Christ’s Church”, based on the text from 1 Peter 2:4-12, reminded the congregation of three important points:

FIRST: The Church has an identity and a dignity that is rooted in our Lord Jesus Christ. When we come to the cross of Jesus, we understand who we are – our identity, our dignity and our mission. We as a church ought to declare the Gospel of Jesus clearly.

SECOND: We have not only an identity and a mission, but we also have dignity and beauty. The Church is to live a beautiful life in front of others.

THE THIRD POINT: The Church is resilient. It will never fail because it does not belong to you or to me, it belongs to Jesus this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”

The service was uplifted by the melodious rendering of praises to God by Fairfield Methodist Church Celebrates 60th Anniversary Thanking God and touching people in Chinatown the choir and the graceful movements of the dancers. Different ministries presented thanksgiving items to God.

Immediately after the service, 900 worshippers and friends of the church gathered at the Orchid Country Club for dinner and fellowship. Bonds were strengthened as former pastors of the church mingled with church members.

Earlier in the afternoon a commemorative book was launched. It chronicles the history of Fairfield Methodist Church with milestone events and many interesting photographs.

It is a timely publication to thank the Lord for his six decades of provision, and to tell others of His goodness and how, through our works, we touch the lives of all who cross our path.

Fairfield Methodist Church’s first pastor was the Rev Herbert Kuehn. He and his wife were posted to Singapore as missionaries and conducted Sunday worship services in the school chapel for the pupils and youths living around the neighbourhood.

The church was relocated from its former site, in the hall of the former Fairfield Methodist Girls’ School at 178, Neil Road, to 1, Tanjong Pagar Road in 1986.

Besides attending to the spiritual needs of the worshippers in church, the church has been reaching out to the residents in Chinatown as well as sending many missionaries to various parts of the world in its evangelistic effort.

Tan Keng Joo and Stella Wee are co-chairmen of the 60th Anniversary Celebrations Committee.