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The 3Fs: Faith, fellowship and fruitful ministry

Mrs Kalaimathi Nagulan is the President of ETAC WSCS

To me, being a Methodist means a strong faith, great fellowship and fruitful ministry exercising scriptural holiness.

Faith: I received Christ in the Methodist Church, and that means it is the Church that gave birth to my faith. My church life is basically built upon the rich heritage of the Methodist Church’s Wesleyan spirit.

Fellowship: It also means that I belong to a larger family of believers beyond our Tamil churches in ETACCAC and TRAC. In the recent past, when I participated in the Aldersgate services and worshipped together with other Methodists in different languages, I felt a unity and a oneness within the Church. 

Fruitful ministry: Since I began my faith journey, I have always served in church ministries. Serving in youth and women’s ministries has given me an opportunity to work together and enjoy the connectional relationship within our Methodist churches. 

Mrs Kalaimathi Nagulan is the President of ETAC WSCS / Photo courtesy of Mrs Kalaimathi Nagulan