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The Appeal That Was Never Made

(Read: Matthew 26:53)

I NEED a crucifiable God One who will bleed and die I need Him to be flesh and blood Only THEN will He be mine.

Contracted, constricted, limited. Suffering in agony, Word made flesh, sharing tearing, searing pain – Nailed and immovable, Love revealed, displayed In REALITY.

Incarnate Lord Remaining there: Arms outstretched … While legions of angels wait for the appeal which was never made.

Herein is love – the answer to pain to the loneliness of abandonment: He, the One who REMAINS: My Lord and my God. —By LORNA KHOO

The Rev Lorna Khoo is Pastor-in-Charge of Living Hope Methodist Church. She wrote this poem in March 1998.

WRITER’S NOTE: The usual evangelical presentation proclaims the gospel of forgiveness. This speaks more to those who are burdened with the guilt and shame of their sins. People who are sinned against, abused and abandoned are not looking for forgiveness.
The message of forgiveness, which is life-giving for many (and is certainly in line with the Scriptural position), leaves them “cold”. They are looking for justice and for the enduring love which will not let go.

There is a message in the Scriptures for them: the message of the prophets (Hosea 11:1-4,8; Jeremiah 31:3,20; Isaiah 49:16), the message of the EMMANUEL (“God with us” cf John 1: 14, Phil 2:7-11) who is the Suffering Servant (Isa 53), the message of Paul (Romans 8:35-39).

The good news for them is that God’s love will not let them off. He will not let them go either. He is where they are … never leaving them or forsaking them … till the end of time.