The day Puppet Igloo and friends win WSCS women’s hearts

Puppetry workshop at GC-WSCS’ LifeHub@Sophia Blackmore Hall

PUPPETS came alive when Ms Lee Hwee Chin, from CAST Puppet Ministry, Wesley Methodist Church, brought Igloo and friends to Sophia Blackmore Hall on April 27, 2007.

It was the first puppetry workshop organised by the General Conference Women’s Society of Christian Service (GC-WSCS) at its LifeHub@Sophia Blackmore Hall session. The second puppetry workshop was held on May 25, also at Sophia Blackmore Hall.

As the participants warmed up towards the puppets, the latter did not disappoint the women with songs and dialogue.

A unique ministry to reach out to children and the sick, the skill of puppetry creates a friendly and warm approach, which is always well received.

Those who attended the workshop were taught the basics of Christian Puppetry. They made their own sock puppets and were encouraged to start a team in their WSCS at their local churches.

A participant, Mrs Sally Seow from Paya Lebar Methodist Church, found puppetry “a good tool for the women to use for their ministry to children and the elderly in hospitals”.

Mrs Ivy Chia, from Barker Road Methodist Church, said: “I had a wonderful time at the first session of the workshop learning the basic puppetry techniques and how the art of puppetry can be used to reach diverse communities.

“The puppetry workshop and performance put up by Hwee Chin and her team was educational, enlightening and entertaining.

“The magical world of puppetry turns the participants into little kids enchanted by the performance and the opportunity to create their very own puppets. Why should kids have all the fun?

“Thank you Hwee Chin for introducing us to the wonders and art of puppetry. I will certainly consider using this puppetry knowledge for future mission trips and outreach programmes.”

Mrs Daisy Mahindapala, from Tamil Methodist Church in Short Street, felt that “the puppets conveyed messages that were very appealing and receptive to the listener”.

“I think puppetry is especially useful for teaching ESN children, and in the process, bringing cheer to them. It is also very useful for the elderly in old folks’ homes.”

LifeHub @Sophia Blackmore Hall is held every last Friday of the month at Sophia Blackmore Hall to help women build friendships in Christ and to deepen and strengthen each other during the prayer intercession that precedes the activity.