The desire for revival

Happy campers at the ETAC Camp at Batam, Indonesia.

ETAC Camp 2019

 Held from 19 to 22 June 2019 at Batam, Indonesia, the camp saw a record number of Conference members gather to await a blessing of revival from within our churches.

I would like to thank God for those four fruitful days of learning, as our guest speaker, the Rev Isaac Sikha, gave thought-provoking and inspiring theme-talks and workshop sessions that focused on ETAC’s quadrennial theme, “Renew, Revive, Reorganise and Rebuild”.

The warm spirit of comradeship helped us to build friendships across the eight churches and exchange ideas to grow our ministries. It is our prayer that the seeds of spiritual fervour, sown during the Camp, will grow to maturity and bear fruit within ETAC for the glory of God.

A Conference seeking revival

A Conference-wide three-day revival meeting was held from 11 to 13 July 2019 to inspire participants by the Word and fully restore them to God’s favour, so that they might be used for His glory.

 Revival is a Biblical concept, seen as a season of divine intervention in the life of the Church. We read of national revival under the reigns of kings Asa, Hezekiah and Josiah. In Psalms, the word “revive”, a term for personal and corporate revival, appears frequently. In Acts, we see the sweeping work of the Holy Spirit and with it the promise: “Repent and I will bless you.”

Spiritually hungry believers will find encouragement when they pray for revival. When these believers have a deep longing for repentance, God-sent renewal and reforms will sweep through our churches and bring conversions of sinners in their wake.

Freddy Joseph, an evangelist from India who was the invited speaker, spoke powerfully and inspiringly over the three days of the Conference on the theme “Reorganise”. He called for the Church to have a sustainable vision and the faith that God will renew us when we love and trust Him, and submit to His leading.

Revival first begins within the person; then by corporate body, flanked by prayer and repentance; and lastly, evangelism. Above all, we have to revere the supreme splendour of God who is on the throne, and not lose sight of His authority. Revival is not to be by our own efforts.

 The attendance for each evening increased, showing the hunger for spiritual renewal in our lives. I believe that God is prepared to bless us with a spiritual awakening to renew and recognise His will for the Conference.

The Rev James Nagulan was elected President of Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference (ETAC) in 2016 for the quadrennium. He is also Pastor-in-Charge of Tamil Methodist Church (Short Street) and Seletar Tamil Methodist Church.

Freddy Joseph (standing, extreme right) speaks at the revival meeting.

Photos courtesy of Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference.