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The Heart of Giving

On Good Friday about 2,000 years ago, Christ demonstrated the perfect example of love and humility by giving Himself to save His people. In Philippians 2:3–4, Paul exhorts believers to emulate Christ’s example, to “count others more significant than [ourselves], and “look to the interests of others”.

David and Magdalene Luo, both 29, are parents to a toddler daughter and a newborn son, and regular donors who first started giving to Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) three years ago. They have since kept up their commitment to give yearly to MWS. We talked with David and Magdalene to understand more about their heart of service.

Why did you decide to give?
David: Giving is a commandment from God. It is about discipline and stewardship, and an outflow of our Christian walk. Through it all, we trust that God provides.
Magdalene: It is a matter of love and worship, in honour of the Lord.

Why did you decide to give to MWS?
David: As Methodists, we came to know about MWS through our schools and our church. We trust what MWS does, and find its work very heartening.
Magdalene: MWS has been around for a long time. Being aware of where the needs are, they serve a breadth of causes. Our donations are channelled to different people in need.

Is there any area you are most passionate about giving?
David: In the long term, as issues like an aging population and income inequality gain prominence, more is going to be required. As young parents, if there were an area we would be more passionate about, it is family and children.

Are there any words you would share to encourage people to give?
Magdalene: As people who entered the workforce not too long ago, it is tempting to keep our resources for ourselves. It would be nice to have a conversation with our peers about the giving of one’s first fruits.
David: I would say, “It’s never enough!” If you know and believe that everything comes from God and we are His stewards, one will be better able to give faithfully.

Blessed by Generosity
Donations to MWS go towards funding many programmes that help close to 11,000 disadvantaged and distressed individuals and families.

One such programme is the MWS Family Development Programme (FDP). Launched in 2016, it helps families living in poverty through debt clearance and savings matching at a ratio of 1:2 (up to $200 per month).

Other supplementary components include monthly school support of $30 for primary and $40 for secondary students, and milk nutrition support for children and pregnant or lactating women. The FDP has helped many distressed families get out of debt and accumulate savings, many for the first time.

Julia Silveraj, 38, an FDP beneficiary, was left to raise two teenage sons after her husband passed away. With only ‘N’-level qualifications, she was unable to secure a full-time job and struggled to make ends meet through various part-time positions. Since she was put on the FDP in July 2017, she has learnt budgeting skills and has saved approximately $1,800 in the bank.

Once with little hope for the future, Julia today has the courage to dream again. She has expressed hope for more people to give to the less fortunate and intends to give back to society when her financial situation stabilises.

The Immeasurable Value of $1
Just a small donation goes a long way to provide resources for our beneficiaries, and every dollar counts to those who need a lift up. Giving $1 a day or $30 a month can support a disadvantaged child’s continued education, a distressed family through counselling and therapy, provide milk powder for babies, engage lonely and isolated seniors, and provide care for the sick and frail. Imagine what comfort, strength, joy and hope your gift can bring.

By the Methodist Welfare Services Communications Team

Make a Meaningful Impact

Choose to give a regular donation, or a one-time donation today, at thegivingmethodist.sg.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. (Matt 5:16, NIV)


Thank you for heeding the call and making an impact on the disadvantaged and distressed.

Photo courtesy of Methodist Welfare Services