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To be renewed in the race for Christ

CAC clergy and local church delegates gather for a photo before the 44th session

Between 11 and 14 Nov 2019, delegates representing agencies and local churches under the Chinese Annual Conference (CAC) gathered at Bukit Panjang Methodist Church for its 44th Session.

Addressing the delegates in his President’s Report at the opening session, the Rev Dr Goh Nai Lat looked back on CAC’s work in 2019 and laid out its plans for 2020.

The Rev Dr Goh touched on the benefits of Central Pooling as well as the need to nurture young pastors and leaders and to proactively seek out new roles for local preachers. He also took the opportunity to emphasise the importance of the Conference to constantly be in the modes of self-reflection and renewal. This is so that it can face the challenges of the world and remain relevant while holding fast to Christ’s teachings and correctly ascertaining the will of God.

Central Pooling: One year on and the need for new blood

A key development from the 43rd CAC Session was the decision to implement the central pooling of resources from which CAC local churches can draw to enable smoother operations of various pastoral ministries. Central Pooling came into effect on 1 Aug 2019.

“The Methodist Church is a connectional Church. Ministers are on an itinerant system and are appointed to serve in different local churches and agencies. With Central Pooling, the appointment system can be more effective in allocation and allow us to better utilise resources,” said the Rev Dr Goh.

The Rev Dr Goh went on to note that with new sub-cultures emerging every four to five years, a good way for CAC churches to renew themselves continually was through recruiting and nurturing young pastors and leaders who are able to make the gospel relevant and help the Church reach out, minister and engage the next generation, the Rev Dr Goh noted.

“Our young people grew up in a different environment. Their mindsets and working styles wholly differ from that of the older generation,” said the Rev Dr Goh. “From my observation, our Conference plays a pivotal role in developing our pastors and lay leaders, offering them opportunities to learn and exercise their spiritual gifts, and to take up leadership positions.”

The Rev Dr Goh also called for a rethink on the roles of local preachers, who currently support the itinerant ministers in their churches. However, if the local preacher is to remain one of the hallmarks of Methodism, such a role must be reviewed and updated as needed, he said. This is especially so when a church has enough itinerant ministers, which would reduce the demand for local preachers and the opportunities for them to preach.

The Rev Dr Goh offered some possibilities for the Conference to consider: “Our local preachers can be bi-vocational preachers—active in evangelistic work in their workplace, sharing God’s words, being the bridge that connects the church into various marketplaces or harvest fields. Churches can run marketplace ministry through them. If we were to redefine their roles as such, the way we recruit and train our local preachers will also need to be modified.”

“The Church, like Paul, must be—constantly racing ahead for Christ, our eyes on the prize.”

Pressing on towards the goal

In his closing sermon, the Rev Dr Goh likened the Christian journey to a race. He expounded on the Apostle Paul’s exhortation: “Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 3:13–14)

 The Rev Dr Goh highlighted that even though Paul often used the imagery of a runner, his epistle to the Philippians was written while in prison. His physical incarceration did not stop Paul from running the race spiritually as he still hungered for more to hear the Good News of Christ. Paul, the Rev Dr Goh said, had in him a “holy unrest”—he was fully aware that the status quo was never going to be enough.

And just as Paul was so, so must the Church be—constantly racing ahead for Christ, our eyes on the prize, the Rev Dr Goh added. “John Wesley famously said, ‘Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.’ I would also add, ‘save as many souls as you can’. This is the core business of the Church. We must never tire of winning souls for God.” It is thus the duty of every Christian to ensure that they are good witnesses for Christ so that the Gospel can be preached further, wider and deeper.

CAC Appointments for 2020

第一教区 District 1

教区长:陸永德牧师DS: Rev Lek Yong Teck

1 芽笼堂 Geylang Chinese Methodist Church
主理 Pastor-in-charge 程文喜牧师 Rev Paul Thian
协理 Associate Pastor 廖惠安牧师 Rev Wilfred Leow
2 巴耶黎峇堂/巴耶礼峇美以美宣教站Paya Lebar CMC /Paya Lebar Methodist Mission
主理 Pastor-in-charge 许亚才牧师 Rev Dr David Koh


Associate Pastor 曾国华牧师



Rev Patrick Chen

Rev Boey Kok Yeow

Rev Jasper Sim


3 樟宜堂 / 榜鹅宣教站事工Changi MC/Punggol Preaching Point
主理 Pastor-in-charge 石训深牧师 Rev Simon Cheo
传道 Preacher 林国柱传道 Pr Patrick Lim Kok Chu
4 颂恩堂 Charis Methodist Church
主理 Pastor-in-charge 雷远智牧师 Rev Lui Yuan Tze


协理 Associate Pastor 张建温牧师 Rev Daniel Teoh


协理 Associate Pastor 崔平和牧师 Rev Peace Choi
隶属 Attachment 白瑞健牧师 Rev Dr Andrew Peh
5 盛港堂  Sengkang Methodist Church
主理 Pastor-in-charge 严家慧牧师 Rev Dr Niam Kai Huey
协理 Associate Pastor 宾升泰牧师 Rev Peter Pan Seng Tai
传道 Preacher 吴俊强传道 Pr Nathanael Goh
传道 Preacher 王海斌传道 Pr Wang Hai Bin





第二教区 District 2

教区长:林建隆牧师 DS: Rev Philip Lim Kian Long

1 直落亚逸堂/直落亚逸第二礼拜堂

Telok Ayer CMC / TA2


主理 Pastor-in-charge 蔡伟山牧师 Rev Chua Ooi Suah
协理 Associate Pastor 陈新坚牧师 Rev Joshua Tan Sin Kian


助理 Assistant Pastor 吴钧杰牧师 Rev Jasper Ngoh Jun Jie


传道 Preacher 庄俊勇传道 Pr Bernard Chng
传道 Preacher 林明忠传道 Pr Lim Ming Zhong
传道 Preacher 洪培正传道 Pr Timothy Ang
 2 武吉班让堂

Bukit Panjang Methodist Church


主理 Pastor-in-charge 陸永德牧师 Rev Lek Yong Teck
协理 Associate Pastor 杨显辉牧师



Rev Yeung Hin Fai

Rev Erick Tan Eng Ghee

Rev Christopher Louis Kong


3 恩典堂

Grace Methodist Church


主理 Pastor-in-charge 吴毅华牧师 Rev Andy Goh Yik Wah
协理 Associate Pastor 苏伟峰牧师 Rev Eric Soh Wai Foon
协理 Associate Pastor 尤永深牧师 Rev Ian Jew Yun Shern
4 恩约堂

Holy Covenant Methodist Church


主理 Pastor-in-charge 许立欣牧师 Rev Edmund Koh Lik Hng
传道 Preacher 吴晓宁传道 Pr Florence Ngu Siew Ning



第三教区 District 3

教区长:吴奕贤牧师  DS: Rev Goh Aik Hiang

1 福灵堂  Foochow Methodist Church
主理 Pastor-in-charge 傅後利牧师 Rev Poh Heow Lee
协理 Associate Pastor 林爱莉牧师 Rev Anne Lim Ai Lei
重聘退休牧师 (部分时间) Re-engagement of Retired Pastor 薛庆达牧师 Rev Seet Keng Tat
传道 Preacher 王美娇传道 Pr Ong Bee Keow
隶属 Attachment 何威达牧师 Rev Dr Wilfred Ho
2 天道堂

Hinghwa Methodist Church


主理 Pastor-in-charge 陈元昌牧师 Rev Chin Yan Chong
协理 Associate Pastor 周伟平牧师 Rev Chu Vee Ping
协理 Associate Pastor 苏圻利牧师 Rev Peter Soh Kee Lie
3 感恩堂/感恩堂(兀兰)

Kum Yan MC / Kum Yan MC (Woodland)


主理 Pastor-in-charge 林建隆牧师 Rev Philip Lim
协理 Associate Pastor 简文石牧师 Rev Herman Kan
4 天恩堂 Hakka Methodist Church
主理 Pastor-in-charge 林恩信牧师 Rev Irman Halim


协理 Associate Pastor 周永斌牧师 Rev Nathanael Chew
5 义顺北宣堂 Yishun Methodist Mission
主理 Pastor-in-charge 陈杨丽旋牧师 Rev Tan-Yeo Lay Suan
协理 Associate Pastor 刘昌耀牧师 Rev Lau Chong Yaw


第四教区 District 4

教区长: 严家慧牧师 DS: Rev Dr Niam Kai Huey

1 女皇镇堂

Queenstown Chinese Methodist Church


主理 Pastor-in-charge 俞丽馨牧师 Rev Lisa Yu Li Hsin
协理 Associate Pastor 吴奕贤牧师


Rev Goh Aik Hiang

Rev Tack Ng Lai Chun

助理 Assistant Pastor 何秀芳牧师 Rev Jacqueline Ho
传道 Preacher 王志翔传道 Pr Joshua Ong
2 宏茂桥堂

Ang Mo Kio Chinese Methodist Church


主理 Pastor-in-charge 何秋吟牧师 Rev Helen Hoe
协理 Associate Pastor 周美丽牧师 Rev Cynthia Choo
传道 Preacher 许巽然传道 Pr Shawn Koh Shin Jan
3 大巴窑堂

Toa Payoh Chinese Methodist Church


主理 Pastor-in-charge 林天源牧师 Rev Ling Tieng Ngung
协理 Associate Pastor 许就凯牧师 Rev Koh Chew Hai
助理 Assistant Pastor 陈书铭牧师 Rev Glenn Tan Tze Meng

CAC President, the Rev Dr Goh Nai Lat, urging the congregation to race for Christ
With CAC’s newly minted Deacons. From left: The Rev Jacqueline Ho Sow Fong, the Rev Glenn Tan Tze Meng, and the Rev Jasper Ngoh Jun Jie
Beginning their next step in ministry as Elders. From left: The Rev Cynthia Choo Bee Lay, the Rev Dr Ian Jew Yun Shern and the Rev Peter Soh Kee Lie
The 44th CAC Session was also a platform to announce the retirement of the Rev Seet Keng Tat (left) and the Rev Chan Kok Chuan (right). We thank them for their years of service to the Lord.

Jason Woo is Methodist Message’s Editorial Executive.

Photos courtesy of Chinese Annual Conference