To grow in love

To grow in love
(left) Bishop ordains Rev Pradip Limbu, (right) Rev Pradip Limbu with wife Rojina and son Rodip

The Methodist Church in Nepal (MCN) has adopted L.O.V.E. as the acronym representing the key focus areas for MCN churches. L.O.V.E. represents Leadership Development, Organisation Framework, Vibrant Community, and Enduring Ministry.

In line with the L.O.V.E.  goals, the theme for the 14th Session of the MCN Annual Meeting was “To Grow In Love”. After three years of conducting the Annual Meeting via Zoom due to the pandemic, the Annual Meeting was held on 3 November 2022 onsite at Wesley Bardan Methodist Church (WBMC). It was presided over by Bishop Dr Gordon Wong. It was attended by Rev Derrick Lau, MCN Mission Superintendent and MMS Executive Director; Rev Vincent Goh, Field Board of Ministry (FBOM) Chairperson; and Rev Benjamin Lee, FBOM Registrar. There were two guests from Barker Road Methodist Church, Dr Serene Chee and Ms Leong Chin Yee.

Worship team leading Praise and Worship
Worship team leading Praise and Worship

The Annual Meeting included the Ministerial Meeting, a Fellowship and Welcome Dinner with the national church leaders in Nepal. The presence of Nepali church representatives from other denominations underscored MCN’s growing relations and unity with them, which has enabled church leaders to encourage one another as they share in undertaking the gospel work in Nepal.

For the first time, there was a vibrant Nepali Praise & Worship segment at the Opening service. Bishop Dr Gordon Wong preached on “Peace”, once again reminding us all to pursue the true peace that can only be given by Jesus Christ alone.

During the Closing Service, Rev Derrick Lau preached on “War Against Strongholds”. As servants of Christ, he reminded us to be alert, watchful and be ready for war against strongholds. Rev Pradip Kumar Limbu, the sixth Elder, was ordained. Our congratulations to Rev Pradip and his family for supporting him in his ministry all these years.

Bishop Dr Gordon Wong, Rev Derrick Lau, Rev Vincent Goh and Rev Benjamin Lee with MCN Elders
Bishop Dr Gordon Wong, Rev Derrick Lau, Rev Vincent Goh and Rev Benjamin Lee with MCN Elders

The 14th Session of the Annual Meeting was an important milestone for MCN. The strategic plans and goals were articulated and will form the framework for the MCN workplan for the coming years. The strategic plan is centred on Growth and Building Capacities for MCN.

Growing Leaders
Growing Churches
Growing Financial Resilience
Growing in Relevance

The reports have been encouraging, highlighting the growth of MCN in all areas and ministries. God’s faithful hand has been witnessed in MCN over the past 14 years, and it has been a wonderful

and fruitful journey. Efforts will now be redirected to preparing and equipping the next generation of clergy and laity leaders. In the area of church planting, the objectives are to plant new Outreach Points and to move Preaching Points and churches to the next level. There is much to be done, with the first milestones achieved providing great encouragement for MCN to do even greater things. May MCN continue “To Grow in Love”!

Joe Ling is an affiliate missionary of Methodist Missions Society, serving in Nepal serving as the Country Director. He is married to Connie and they are both from the Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference (SCAC). / Photos courtesy of Methodist Missions Society